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John Dillinger Essay

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John DillingerColton WambachDuring the Great Depression many people had to find work we're ever they could find it. Some people had to travel to different cities, but other relied on other ways to make money. People like John Dillinger went to lengths of robbing banks. John Dillinger through his life was a ruthless and cunning thief with many run ins with the law.On June 22, 1903 a man named John Dillinger was born. When John was ateenager he was in trouble a lot. He finally quit high school and got a job in a machine shop in Indianapolis. But he started getting in more and more trouble. His father began to think that the city was corrupting his son, so he sold his house in Indianapolis and moved his family to a farm near Mooresville Indiana. John did no better to country life in the city life and soon began to get in to truble agingAt the age of 21 he attempted his first robbery, robbing a grocery store, in his home town. He was caught and imprisoned for nine years until 1933. After he was released. Dillinger robbed a bank in Bluffton, Ohio and was arrested by the Dayton police. He was put in Lima county jail to wait for his trial. While he was in prison the guards found a paper on it seemed to be a plan for a prison break, but john denied everything. Four days later, using the same plans, eight of Dillinger's friends escaped from the Indiana State Prison, using shotguns and rifles which had been smuggled into their cells. During their escape, they killed two guards. In their escape.On October 12, three of the escaped prisoners and a parolee from the same prison showed up at the Lima jail where Dillinger was. They told the sheriff that they had come to return Dillinger to the Indiana State Prison for violation of his parole.When the sheriff asked to see their badges, one of the men pulled a...

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