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John Dough December 5, 2002 Essay 4 Have you ever sat in a movie theater for well over two hours and just realized that you just wasted your life. That is most likely because the screenwriter did not do his or her job. A screenwriter is responsible for writing movies, television shows, and other forms of entertainment. As a screenwriter good writing skills are very important. Good writing skills are the foundation that you need. In addition as a screen writer you have the responsibility to entertain, inform, and persuade an audience, without the skills you will fail. The last reason is that writing is your job, and if you do not have good writing skills you would not have a job. The types of writing done by a screenwriter are screenplays and other forms of writing that are then transferred to either television or into a movie. In order to begin they just cannot write a major motion picture. They need to stat small, with possibly a story or an essay. Even before they do that screenwriters have to learn their own style and basic writing skills. As a screenwriter the foundation of your practice is to have good writing skills. According to Jay Geller, many times having the basic writing skills is forgotten (p1). As a writer you need to have proper grammar and spelling. These would be acquired in a creative writing class or different English class. Going to far with English classes may get you in trouble. Screen writing has its own style and writing like you would a novel will get you nowhere, "Writing is writing, except in Hollywood" ( your basic English classes you would also develop your own style of writing. To develop your own style is very important, this is what will separate you from the other screenwriters in the field. Good writing skills is the first building step in creating your own piece as a writer. As a screenwriter you have the responsibility to entertain, inform and persuade an audience. The most important of those three is to entertain. As you develop your skills as a writer you will learn how your unique style will entertain few or many. It is important to entertain many, because when your piece is finally put on the big screen the more entertaining and captivating your writing is the more that will want to see your movie. You also have the responsibility to inform an audience, but at the same time keep it entertaining. The screenwriter constantly has to be writing on new material that the ardencies has not seen or heard about yet (Seger 37). The screenwriter has to tell a story that has not been heard, an idea that has not been expressed, or a vision that has not been seen. The screenwriter also has the ability to persuade an audience. With good...

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721 words - 3 pages and looked into windows . they also sane song's "like in the jungle" and some of the great Elton John hits on both king's castles.Brad then made both kings come into peaceful splendor as they realized this war was silly and became friends. King Justin and King Kevin built a great monument just for Brad and the panda crew.Because of Brad animals are allowed to roam free and it is said Brad will return to free the animals still remaining at the zoos ,But only time will tell.Editors My Dad , Zack Bell and KaitlinThank you guys for helping me with my spelling and grammar. It wouldn't be the same with out you .Name Scott GloverEng. Assign

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