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John F. Kennedy, Biography Of His Life.

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John F. Kennedy was the thirty-fifth president of the United States. He was also the youngest president ever and the youngest president ever to be assassinated. He was loved by all and governed our country well.John Kennedy's ChildhoodJohn Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May twenty-ninth, 1917. He was of Irish descent when his relatives immigrated to Boston after coming to the states. John was born in Brookline, Massachusetts. He was the second of nine children born to Joseph Patrick Kennedy, John's father. John was very smart for his age and he graduated from Harvard in 1940. About this time World War II was in full swing and after graduating John entered the Navy. He retired from the Navy after his transport boat was sunk by a Japanese cruiser. Even though he was wounded he led the survivors of the boat to the shore.Political CareerAfter recovering he couldn't go back to the war so he joined into the political army. John was voted to be a congressman from Boston for the Democratic Party. Kennedy announced his decision to run for congressman, against Republican Henry Lodge, on April 1952. He easily defeated Lodge by more than 70,000 votes. During his office he succeeded in uniting senators in the New England area into a single voting block.Soon after he was elected to the senate in 1953, he married Jacqueline Bouvier on September 12, 1953. However John Kennedy didn't stop at senator, he moved on to run for President in 1956. John was running against Richard Nixon, and by a slight margin he won the presidential candidacy.Kennedy As PresidentJohn F. Kennedy was inaugurated on January twentieth, 1961. Kennedy was the first Roman Catholic President of the United States. His whole address was devoted to international affairs, probably because of the years he spent in the Navy and in World War II. In this address the famous quote, "Ask not what your country can do for you - - ask what you can do for your country," was delivered. During his presidency the largest expansion of the country took place since World War II. He wanted to continue the country's old mission dedicated to human rights. Everyone in the nation was ready for Kennedy. He was expected to be the most successful president ever and in many aspects he was. He was the most loved and one of the most well-known presidents ever.John F. Kennedy accomplished many things during his term in office. He was always worried about the possibility of nuclear war between America and the Soviet Union. He knew that nuclear war would cause millions of innocent deaths and must be prevented at all costs. Even though the Cold War never actually happened or became a war, both countries spent millions of dollars producing nuclear weapons and ways to defend against nuclear war.In other matters of war he helped to try to overthrow the Cuban president Fidel Castro when he let a band of Cuban exiles back into the country. The coup was a failure, and a feeling of anti-Americanism was spread throughout the world.After...

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