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For my book report I chose to write about one of John Grisham's best sellers, The Partner. The Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group Inc. in New New York, New York published the Partner in 1997. I chose to write about this book for two reasons; I had forgotten what had happened in The Pelican Brief and I liked the pot of this book much more. After reading the back of the book I thought I might have a clue what I was in store for. I wasn't even close, I was surprised over and over again throughout this book. The Partner is a fictitious legal thriller based in Mississippi. It exposes to the audiences what careful planning and good timing can do in the world of politics and law. The main character planned everything so well and made sure that even getting caught had it's benefits. He planned it so, those he despised would take the fall and many, including him would benefit somehow. In the end everyone got what they wanted except the selfish ones who deserved nothing but the inevitable, punishment. I believe the author wants everyone to see that at one time or another everyone wants to escape his or her life, that not everybody's life is as great as it may seem, regardless of money. He wants you to see you have to find your own way to make yourself happy but you should be prepared to face the consequences of any drastic actions which the main character was prepared to do. The main character of this story, Patrick Lanigan, was a partner in a thriving firm about to receive thirty million dollars in legal fees from a client. He seemed happy to everyone, but he wasn't. He knew about his partner's plans to kick him out of the firm, he knew about his wife's weekends with another man, he even knew her six year old child wasn't even his. So he carefully planned everything and when the time was right he faked his death and stole ninety million dollars from his former firm and went into hiding. He hide for four and a half years and then was caught. John Grisham wanting this message to get across to his readers: "At some point in life, everybody thinks about walking away." The setting stays the same in all of Grisham's books. They are always set in the south, usually in large cities. In all of his books Grisham's main characters are lawyers. These lawyers are usually young, and either just getting out of law school or trying to make it big. This story takes place in Biloxi, Mississippi and the main character was once an overweight lawyer in his thirties, but things changes rather quickly. The area in which the story takes place does affect the story because it is a tightly woven legal community where gossip spreads fast and money can get you out of almost anything. It was hard to keep after all the lawyers, FBI agents and judges in this story, many characters were only mentioned a few times but played important roles in the story. The main character was Patrick Lanigan, a hardworking lawyer who became a partner in a thriving...

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