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John Gunther And Brain Tumors Essay

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Do you have an abundant knowledge of brain tumors and cancer? Have you or a loved one ever had a brain tumor of any sort? If so, they are very harmful and deadly. Over the course of time with the improvement of technology, treatment will be easier and symptoms won't be as noticeable. Brain tumor research has improved exceedingly, therefore, if John Gunther’s son was alive today, he most likely could have been successfully treated or cured of his brain tumor without the struggle of a death sentence.

There are two main categories of brain tumors as to the seriousness; Malignant, and Benign. A Malignant tumor can grow and spread aggressively, and overpower other healthy cells by taking ...view middle of the document...

The most common symptoms include; Changes in the person's mental function, Headaches, Seizures (especially in older adults), and Weakness in one part of the body. Less common symptoms may include trouble hearing, tasting, smelling, seeing, reading, writing, walking, speaking, being able to understand others who are speaking, controlling the body, coordination, balance, Personality, mood, behavior, and Muscle weakness in the face, arm, or leg. Other symptoms may occur with a pituitary tumor including Abnormal nipple discharge, Absent menstruation (periods), Breast development in men, Enlarged hands, feet, Excessive body hair, Facial changes, Low blood pressure, Obesity, and Sensitivity to heat or cold. Symptoms caused by pressure from a larger pituitary tumor may include: Headache, Lethargy, Nasal drainage, Nausea and vomiting, Problems with the sense of smell, Visual changes, Double vision, Drooping eyelids, and Visual field loss. Most pituitary tumors produce too much of one or more hormones. As a result, symptoms of one or more of the following conditions can occur: Hyperthyroidism, Cushing's syndrome, Gigantism or acromegaly, and Nipple discharge. “Brain Tumor Symptoms, Types (Meningioma),”

Treatment can involve surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Brain tumors are best treated by a team that includes Neuro-oncologist, Neurosurgeon, Oncologist, Radiation oncologist, and Other healthcare providers, such as neurologists and social workers. Early treatment often improves the chance of a good outcome. Types of treatment often depends on the size and type of tumor and your general health. The goals of treatment may be to cure the tumor, relieve symptoms, and improve brain function or comfort. Tumors can be hard to remove completely by surgery alone, because the tumor invades surrounding brain tissue much like roots from a plant spread through soil. When the tumor cannot be removed, surgery may still help reduce pressure and relieve symptoms. “Brain Cancer: Medlineplus.”

There are many possible outcomes of having a brain tumor; many of which are good, however the majority of outcomes can be bad depending on the severity of the tumor. Some possible outcomes may include Brain herniation (often fatal), Uncal herniation, Foramen magnum herniation,...

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