John Henry And The Puzzle Essay

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Now every body knows about John Henry and his mighty hammer driving through mountains but not very many people know the story before he worked on a railroad.
Before John Henry worked on a railroad, he worked on a small farm in North Carolina with his family. John was a good kid; he worked hard, had plenty of friends, and was very modest. John only had one flaw, he could never turn down a challenge, no matter how impossible it seemed. His family thought he could do anything, and so did he, until that unfaithful Tuesday morning.
As the sun peeked through the window of the rustic log cabin it glimmered into his eyes, forcing John awake. John gets out of bed, gets his work clothes on, and ...view middle of the document...

With a screeching halt John stopped and started walking up to the small shop that his family usually shops at. He stepped up on the front step of the store; John walks in and is shocked. He saw someone behind the counter, but it wasn’t the usual clerk he was much older and crankier looking. He had a wrinkly face, a crooked nose, his skin was pale, and he had a frown, but he wore the uniform. “What do you want kid.” the clerk shouted in a raspy voice. “ Excuse me sir but may I ask your name?” John asked.
“Call me Mr. Johnson, kid.”
“ Ok Mr. Johnson, where is Samson?”
“ Samson left and put me in charge”
“ Why did he leave?”
“ Never mind that, you ask too many questions, kid.”
“ Please stop calling me kid, my name is John Henry.”
“Ok John, what do you want?”
“I came here to buy food for my family.”
“ Here go John that will be $29.50.”
John realized he doesn’t have any money. He doesn’t want to run back home because he fears that the clerk will close the store. He thought for a while then hung his head in dismay.
“I’m sorry Mr. Johnson I have no money, but maybe I can work for you until I earn enough to pay you.”
Mr. Johnson looks John straight in the eyes, as a smug grin appeared on his face.
“Okay John it is a deal, I have three tasks for you to complete.”
“Thank you Mr. Johnson, tell me the tasks and I shall do them.”
“ I doubt you can do these task boy, these are things only a strong and fast man can do.”
“ I insure you that I can do them.”
“Ok then, the first task is to deliver these four bags over corn to Aberdeen, the second task is to plow the potato field, the third and final task is to plant the potatoes in the field. Is that to much work for you do you thinking you can handle it?”
“ I can do these in no time Mr. Johnson.” John said with a smile on his fast.
Mr. Johnson handed John the all for bags of corn. These bag were heavy, it would be a problem for any other man, but not good old John Henry because he was the strongest kid in town. He took the bags and began running straight for Aberdeen, he was kicking up so much dust you would that there was a dust...

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