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John Herz And The Concept Of Security

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Research on security base is an approach that is very encouraging because it arises from the desire to reduce conflict and deter the onset of war. The concept of security itself is a concept that was developed since the early 1950s by John Herz, he considers security as a result of the power relations between states.
Traditionally the literature on international relations based on the strength and peace. The researchers who prefer to approach the concept of strength through classified into realist, whereas researchers who prefer to approach the concept of peace through classified into idealists. According to Barry Buzan (1991:116-131), there are five types of threat by sector which are military, political, societal, economic and ecological. Some of the arrangements above are not a fixed agenda for national security. Military threats still dominate theoretically and it still shaped anarchy for national security, but military threats remain a major concern. A threat would be a national security issue, depending not only on the shape and the threat and notice how the recipient country, but also on the intensity and on the operation of such threats (Buzan in Rudy, 2002: 36). A state could take a passive policy until the threat becomes larger or take active policy to anticipate while these threats are still small. Threats and weaknesses of a state is a security object, so that the policy in security matter needs to be considered, especially for states that are less or not powerful.
Non-Traditional Security Approach
Security is a special form of politics. All security issues are political issues but not all of political conflict is a safety issue. Security has become a major issue of political disputes when certain political actors threatening or using force to get what they want from the other party (Kolodziej, 2005: 22). Coverage of political issues is the same area and the history of human interaction within the dimensions of space and time when forced to use force or power. As with politics, security is a phenomenon created by the human will or their action (Kolodziej, 2005: 22).
In the classical conception, security defined as the effort to maintain the territorial integrity of a state emerging threats from the outside. Conflicts between states, especially in the effort to expand the empire of colony bring the definition of security is only directed at how state efforts to strengthen themselves in the face of military threat. In the traditional approach, the state becomes the subject and object of the pursuit of security interests. The group assessed the view that all phenomena of politics and international relations are the phenomenon of the state. In their traditional thinking, state becomes the core of effort in order to maintain the security of the state. The development of strategic issues such as globalization, democratization, human rights and the phenomenon of terrorism have expanded perspective in looking at the complexity of threats...

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