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John Kerry Essay

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People always like to frame an election as a competition between two candidates. I know, as well as you do, that the very thought is ridiculous. Candidates in this country are not elected based on the content of their character, but by the political marketing that drives their campaigns. That is the reason for me writing this letter. You see, if I have to suffer Bush & Cheney's band of marketers for another four years, I may lose what little faith I have left in America due to the political and social ruin it's flung itself into. I am sure winning this election is very important to John Kerry. It's even more important for the American Dream.John Kerry absolutely has to win this election. And judging by the way this campaign has been run so far, if you'll pardon my criticism, that's not going to happen. Kerry's campaign is being completely and utterly batched. In a normal election year, it might not matter as much. But there's going to be nothing normal about this election. It's going to be the dirtiest campaign in American history, and your team is up against quite possibly one of the most cynical bastards to ever work in politics. I wish I was talking about one of our appointed leaders, but that's not the case. Bush's bid for re-election is being run by a group of mad scientists, with Karl Rove firmly in control. And based on how the Kerry campaign has already handled several key issues, it is clear you have no one who can take charge against him in the public relations department.For some reason, although I have no political experience, I, a 22-year-old student, am going to tell you what you should be doing. This is generally the part of the letter where I expect you to crumple it up and toss it in the trash bin. If you can swallow it long enough to keep reading, though, you may learn a thing or two. Case point the handling of John Kerry's voting record concerning the Iraqi war. Much to my dismay, just about everyone who supports Kerry voted in favor of the war in Iraq. This makes him look too much like Bush, and it also re-enforces the old routine that Bush's political campaign keeps spewing out. You seem to have found no way of spinning this or dealing with it. Or if you have, it certainly didn't reach my ears. Here's what you should have done, and what you still might have time to do.You have this issue as Bush's failure, and not Kerry's. We both know the truth. At that time in American politics, voting against the President was political suicide. Well, it certainly seemed that way. The opposition had no voice and no spine, and for whatever reason, the Democrats allowed themselves to be raked through the mud. What's worse, they allowed themselves to be silenced. You can't come out and say that, obviously, because it shows that Kerry, like a lot of other Democrats, was already beaten by Bush.Like the rest of the American people, I was being told on a daily basis that Iraq was a menace to America and perhaps the entire free world. I was...

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