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Notably, the Greatest Singer” definition would fit the lines of a singer who sang professionally that made him more than average or normal. John Lennon, known English musician, who rose to worldwide fame through his life. Lennon was not only successful as an individual artist, but as well as a Beatle. He was one of the founding members of the Beatles, which is one of the most commercially successful bands in the history of music (“John Winston Lennon”). Lennon’s involvement in political and peace activism also helped him rise to fame; events like his Bed-In for Peace project with his wife, and his potential leader status for the anti-war movement. Lennon also helped redefine the acceptable behavior for rock stars, and became an important symbol of counterculture. He criticized America's involvement in the Vietnam War. Although Lennon’s controversial statements and drug use made him a less than average role model, he is the greatest singer as well as peace activist in European history because of his success as an individual artist as well as a Beatle, involvement in political and peace activism, and redefining the acceptable behaviors of a rock star.
Above all, Lennon wasn’t only just known for himself, but for the band, the Beatles; he was a founding member of the band (Harry). In range and quality, music production surpassed achievements of all others in rock idiom, and Lennon was included into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994 as an individual and in 1998 as one of the Beatles (McCleese). Also, Lennon is ranked 8th greatest of Britain and 5th greatest singer of all time,(Harry, 43-44) and responsible for 25 number-one singles and 14 million sales on his solo album, and is ranked fifth-greatest singer of all time by Rolling Stone (McCleese). Yet, John Lennon had help from his fellow Beatle band mate, Paul McCartney. McCartney is an English musician, songwriter, and composer, who, with Lennon, wrote at least 150 songs (“John Winston Lennon”). Together, they wrote almost all of the Beatles music, as well as being regarded as the best partnership of the 20th century (Harry, 43-45).
Since he was involved in political and peace activism, Lennon did good but also caused some problems. Lennon achieved this with his wife, Yoko Ono, who almost always was at his side. Ono, a japanese artist, songwriter, and peace activist, was the second wife of Lennon (Cott). Lennon and Ono created the Bed-In for Peace movement together; a non-violent protest that was held for two weeks. It protested against the Vietnam War in 1969, and was a new way to promote peace. (Wiener) On the other hand, this activism led to many problems. Richard Nixon, who served from 1969 to 1974, felt this peace movement would become a problem. Nixon’s administration believed that this former Beatle would become a leader for the anti-war movement. (Harry, 301-302) The FBI closely monitored his actions and even had a file on him that was more that 400 pages (Wiener). In fact, Lennon wrote...

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