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John Lewis’ Christmas Campaign In 2013

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John Lewis’ Christmas Campaign in 2013
John Lewis was established in 1864 and the first shop was located in London's Oxford Street business (John Lewis Partnership, 2014). Their policy, 'Never Knowingly Undersold', has been the slogan for more than 25 years (Brignall, 2011). They operate department store retailers in the UK, including 40 John Lewis shops and a growing online business (John Lewis Partnership, 2014).
1. Introduction
In recent years, many global brands have been paying more attention to their marketing communication in Christmas campaigns (“'Tis the season …, 2013). This report will discuss the marketing communication that was used by John Lewis for its Christmas campaign in 2013. There are six parts in this report. The first part will outline the objectives of the campaign. Then the target audiences are going to be defined in the second part. Promotional tools and the list of media will be detailed in the third and fourth parts respectively. Finally, this report will discuss how this campaign operated successfully in Christmas in 2013 and relevant recommendations will be showed in the end of the report.
2. Campaign objectives
Fill (2009, p 9) stated that the tasks of marketing communication (DRIP) included to differentiate, reinforce, inform and persuade. “The advert, as with previous years, is intended to build emotional engagement around John Lewis’ Christmas message” (Emotional Engagement Ad …, 2013). This campaign aimed to inform and make customers be aware of its campaign by using emotional advertising which is “different, fresh and innovative way” (Vizard, 2013). At the same time, Vizard (2013) suggests that tools combined with media can be used to persuade people to take actions and buy gifts for their families and friends, it also can make the strategy become effective and efficient.
3. Target audiences
“It is better to approach a small segment of the market than to try to use a ‘scattergun’ approach to everybody” (Blythe, 2000, p. 34). Fill (2009) suggested that market segmentation is that a mass market that can be divided into small groups which have same characteristic such as “demographic” (age, sex, occupation), “geographic” (location), “psychographic” (customers’ activities, interests and opinions) and “behavioristic” (lifestage). Identifying market segmentation is a necessary strategy for an organisation’s or brand’s marketing communication activities (Proctor, 2000, p. 189).
John Lewis’ CEO, Andy Street, stated that they know their target customers who are ‘younger, more urban, more socially aware, they probably travel the world and have more liberal attitudes’ (Simons, 2013). In addition, John Lewis had 71% of female and 29% of male at Christmas (The John Lewis …, 2013). Therefore, this campaign might be focused on targeting the middle or higher income groups. It was more likely that target audiences were in their 30s and 40s females and able to afford high quality products in the UK.
4. The list of the...

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