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John maynard keynes was born on June 5 1883 in cambridge, cambridge shire, england died on april 21 1946 in firle, sussex, England. keynes was th son of a professor of economics, john Neville Keynes a loving father devoted to keynes author of scope and method of political economy and his mother Florence Ada Keynes a social reformer and Mayor of cambridge she was a great advocating pension for elderly living in povety servce for deserving poor and reinteggrsating inmates back into society she was also loving mother devoted to Keynes. Kenyes also had a brother named Geoffrey Keynes who was knighted for work on blood transfusion and married a granddaughter of charles darwin and sister Margaret ...view middle of the document...

due to his sexuality Keynes was attacked due to the fact that he was a homosexual. he ended up being bi-sexual by marring Lydia Lopokova, Yet during his marrage with Lydia Keynes Maintained a Homosexual Affair with Sebastian Sprott which the wife seemed to be totally cool with. During 1906-1908 keynes became the clerk for the india office the a lecturer and researcher on probability theory at cambridge from 1909 to 1913 where he published a series of articles on the indian economy and his first book indian currency and finance in 1913.between the wars keynes worked with the british treasury and increase the wealth of the treasury by performing brilliant international transactions serving as derector of bank for england. serving as one of the negotiators for terms of versailles peace treaty where most of his work remained behind the scenes and believed that reparsations should be minimal need to protect german citizens from starvation he was an economist who made important contribtions to probability theory and mathematical economics. In 1921his treatise on probability was published although it had been completed 10 years earlier. it was an attempt to put probability on afirm mathematical basis. the book reseved mahy positive remarks being described as one which it is impossible to praise too highly he became a lecturer in economics at cambridge.In his book Keynes advocated against the gold standard beliving that to decrease unemployment churchill should devalue the british sterling the economic consequences of the peace was his main view over the peace treaty he wanted france to set back german progress 50 years but woodrow wilson left washington enjoying a prestige and moral influence unequalled in history weak minded and not aware of the condition of europe thus the french where succesful in achiving many of their demands thus crippling german economy Keynes proposals where considered contriversial thus giving europe a condition where it cant posper without an equitable integrated economic system also the allies violated the fouteen points in the areas where a commitment fairness regarding reparations, territorial adjustments, and econoic matters where reparations were sever exaggerated, and questtionable inflation hit europe hard with germany experiencing hyperinflation, keynes attributed the hyperinflaton to governments beeing too short sighted to secure bloans or taxes from resources they aquired and instead have printed notes for the balance. keynes claimed the treaty did not include a rehabilitation plan to the european economy. leavin europe in a decline internal productivity a breakdown of transportation and infrastructure, and inability to import goods and supplies from overseas. Keyens suggested a plan to help the situation one revising the treaty and reparations, abandoment of inter ally indebetness , an international loan, or European relations with russia. later he published in 1930 a treatise on money...

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