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John Proctor: A Tragic Hero Essay

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A Tragedy as a literary Work is described in which there is a hero that is basically moral individual destroyed by some character flaw and by force beyond his or her control. That hero is a tragic hero who experiences an inner struggle because of this flaw. Because of his charter flaw and his struggle to do what is right, John Proctor is a tragic hero.
John Proctor is a very friendly man. Everyone likes being his friend. He is open, kind, helpful, upright, blunt-spoken, and just a good, hard-working man. John has lots of faith in God but little in humans. He knows that mankind is good but he also knows that they are weak and imperfect. “Proctor: I’ve heard you to be a sensible man, Mr. Hale. I hope you’ll leave some of it in Salem”. (p.1280) But John Proctor is also human so he is also imperfect and has flaws.
John Proctor’s flaw one major is his affair with Abigail Williams, a very pretty deceiving girl. “He is bending to kneel again when his niece, Abigail Williams, seventeen, enters-a strikingly beautiful girl, an orphan, with an endless capacity for dissembling.” (p.1262). It is because of John’s affair that the town of Salem goes into madness with witchcraft. If John would have just stayed loyal to Elizabeth (John’s wife) then Abigail would have never gone to the woods in the first place to try and get John back, then so Parris would have never discovered her dancing naked in the woods, and the witch lie would have never came up.
To John the affair was just a one time thing and he never wanted it to be brought back up again. But for Abigail it was commitment, since they had the affair then she saw it as John being with her forever, and she realized that the only way for that to happen was to get Elizabeth out of the picture. So even though John Proctor was a good person because of his one little flaw, big issues appeared.
John’s affair created and inner struggle/conflict for him. He was always wanting to what was right but his affair with...

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