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The recent playwright that I read is Crucible. Crucible is very well known play in theater and literature courses. It is actually based on true story and it’s about witchcraft that happen in Salem, Massachusetts during late 1600s. Salem is very religious town and citizens there see witchcrafts as part of the demon world. There were a lot of accusations, guilt, hangings, and so on forth. John Proctor happens to be in the midst of it.
To briefly summary the Crucible and what ignited the crazy accusation and witchcraft. Group of girls were dancing wildly in the wood with a black slave that goes by the name Tituba. Reverend Parris caught them in act. Shortly after, his daughter, Betty, who was ...view middle of the document...

Their servent, Mary Warren, who was part of the circle, accused Elizabeth for witchcraft. The system didn’t accept it, but later on they were arresting the wives, including Elizabeth. That’s when Proctor really want to reveal Abigail and her circle being a fraud and causing the stirs in Salem. He threatened Mary to admit in the court, but the court doesn’t fully believe him, so Proctor revealed that Elizabeth is pregnant. Elizabeth was spared for once. Mary is still on hold in court and testified that Abigail and her circle are the main witches. It backfired Mary because they accussed Mary that she bewitched them. Then, Proctor couldn’t take it anymore and confessed that he had an affair with Abigail and accused Abigail for taking advantage of Elizabeth’s jealously and to take her title as Proctor’s wife. So the judge asked Elizabeth if it was tell and she lied to them that it wasn’t true so she can safe Proctor’s reputation of the town. Then, Abigail and her circle were acting like Mary is bewitching them; Mary gave up and accused Proctor for being a witch. Proctor immediately denied, but he was arrested anyway. The witch trail was on hold.
After a while, the witchcraft is still in air, Abigail disappeared, there is no faith in judicial system, and Hale begged the accused witches to just confess in order to save the town. However, they absolutely refused. So, he asked Elizabeth to speak to...

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