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John Proctor's Principles, Conscience And Morality In The Crucible

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Throughout the whole play, John Proctor placed himself as a “servant” of God only and maintained that position regardless of what happened. He represented the image of a person that corresponded for God in Earth, and at the same time he acted consciously and knew what was happening in Salem. In an attempt to disengage from God, his principles, conscience, and morality acted upon him and brought him back to God. Elizabeth and his friends also affected his conscience, as the only reason why he went to the court was to try to release them. John Proctor can be considered the savior of Salem, he can be considered Jesus in that story. His name was important as it was the main reason why he decided to die with dignity instead of live for a lie; but what is the symbolism behind his name? What is conscience and why does John Proctor struggle with his?
Conscience can be defined as the awareness of right and wrong. In the Crucible, conscience orbits around Christian beliefs, meaning that people judged their own consciousness thinking religiously. Arthur Miller said “Now I wanted to move closer to a conscious hero”(font in the end) Two main ideas of conscience revolve around The Crucible; morality and the idea of guilt for comitted sins. John Proctor follows the idea of guilt when he judges himself. His conscience tells him not to lie and feel guilty for the rest of his life but he wants to live, and that is the main struggle on his mind. As Proctor, Hale also struggles later on on the play, in terms of morality. He realizes that what is going on in Salem is wrong and he feels guilty for somehow having initiated it. He tries to fix what he had done to have a lighter conscience but he fails.
John Proctor was a man of principles, that is intelligibly shown in the play as he always stood against the court for the definite reason that he believed that witches did not exist. Also, he corroborates his principles when he decides to maintain his charge in consideration for his friends although he already had the freedom (temporary) of Elizabeth. Now why did he make the choice that ended his life, instead of telling a lie and living? As said above, he is a man of principles and his name was more important to...

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