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John Q 1) Using Specific Support From The Movie 'john Q', Trace The Events That Led To The Extreme Measure Of Hijacking The Emergency Room

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The movie ‘John Q’ contains a lot of drama, suspence and is very emotional. This movie tells about a man who is desperate for financial resources to save the life of his sick son, taking staffs and patients of an emergency room as hostages in return for his sons’s sugery. ‘John Q’ allow us to understand some of the important facts of family life. John Q played by the actor ‘Denzel Washington’ handles a strong character, beautifully.The movie strengthens the importance of families during tough times and helps to consider the facts about health care system and the controlled insurance rate. Lack of money, support and time forces John Q to the hijacking in the emergency room.Lack of money is the main factor that led john to hijack the patients to the emergency room. John Q is a hard working factory worker, a caring family man who loves his wife and son very much. His working hours has been cut off to 20 hours, so he struggles to make the two ends meet but always seems short with money and unable to pay the bills. Even though the ‘Archibalds’ are financially tight, things went fine until John’s son Michel fall down during a baseball game. The doctors found out that Michel is having a heart failure and will die without a heart transplant. The surgery costs total two hundered and fifety thousand dollars. The hospital administrator Rebecca Payne tellsJOHN-2John and Denise that the hospital cannot treat Michel until they have money for surgery. The hospital requires a down payment of seventyfive thousand dollars to put Michel’s name on the donors list,until then the doctors are going to treat Michel as a cash account. John find out his insurance does not cover for Michel’s surgery because the insurance company swiches to HMO which has some restrictions like part time employers like john has only qualified for a minimum payout of twenty thousand dollars. So John needs to find out money by himself to save his son’s life. He sell his funiture, dryer and even his car but he did not come up with the down payment of seventy five thousand dollars. Money became a huge factor in saving a sick boy’s life.Lack of support is another factor that led John to the hijacking in the emergency room. John’s insurance company does not cover for his son’s operation, so he went to look for some helps. John and Denise went to state services hoping to get some help but the state rep.tell them they do not qualify because the state services only provide assistance for...

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1610 words - 6 pages corrupted health care system used by the US, the badly managed employer controlled insurance and the way that the people are not treated equally regardless of their “class”. The movie not only question these values but also reinforced that family roles should be valued and that it is very important when it comes to the type to situation that arose in John Q. I believe that the world is constantly changing and it would be ideal if one day all the problems would be solved and everyone would be able to have their desires reached without going through the run-arounds, extreme actions and the trauma that John Archibald had to go through.

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