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John Q: Who Are The “Bad Guys”?

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Throughout the movie John Q, there are several “bad guys” that make the life of John and his family much harder. John and his wife Denise found out that their son Mike had a serious heart condition and was in desperate need for a new, yet expensive heart. These “bad guys” throughout the movie are also known as; the company that John works for, Dr. Turner along with the rest of the doctors/nurses at the hospital and the police. All these people or groups of people weren’t helpful nor understanding with Mike’s sickness and how it made John and Denies feel helpless. This sadly put John in a tough situation where he had to go to the extreme to save his son’s life.
Throughout the movie John Q the company that John worked for could be seen as one of the “bad guys”. This company had changed their policy and work time at John’s work place without taking the time to inform him. This caused John to believe that he was working as a full time employee with full health insurance, when he was truly only working as a half time employee with less health insurance. The company was withholding information from John, since they knew that he wouldn’t be pleased with this chance and would perhaps change his place of work in order to receive a better health insurance policy to go along with his job. Due to the fact that the company didn’t come forward and tell John the truth, he then had to go through a great amount of trouble in order to raise the money to pay for his son’s surgery, in a very short amount of time. John and his wife had to sell various items in their house, as well their only vehicle in order to put their son on the donor list, even after this they were still short money. This mess could have been avoided if the company would have been honest or perhaps helped John out, seeing as it was their fault he had to raise so much money in so little time, yet the company left John on his own to raise $250,000 for his son’s transplant.
Dr. Turner along with the other nurses and doctors at the hospital were very ignorant towards John’s family situation and could also be portrayed as the “bad guys” in the movie. They knew that John was having financial issues and would be unable to pay for the surgery due to his health insurance policy changing without him knowing. Though Dr. Turner knew this was wrong, however he decided that they were going to sit there and watch an innocent eight year old boy die, unless John took action. With these surgeries alone, Dr. Turner makes around $55,000,000 per year, yet he is telling John and his family that the hospital “can’t afford” to give Mike...

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