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John Ross Browne And The Imperial Valley City

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“This land has a peculiar charm…in the rich atmospheric tints that hung…and the boundless wastes that lay outspread,” best-selling author John Ross Browne, writing in 1871.

Since Browne made his early travel notes, the Imperial Valley has changed significantly, not least because of the water diverted into it from the Colorado. The internationally renowned engineer George Chaffey formed the Imperial Land Company which undertook this extensive irrigation project that meant the valley could be settled. As well as the cities of Imperial and Calexico, the towns of Brawley and Heber were founded as a result of the early twentieth century development. Today, the recreation facilities close to ...view middle of the document...

If you are looking for apartment homes, then a good base is the Rodeway Inn, situated at the airport, just off North Imperial Avenue. From here, it is easy to navigate your way around the city. The best time of year to search is mid-winter when the temperatures are at their lowest. During the summer, highs of over 110 degrees are not uncommon, making searching for apartments thirsty work indeed. It is always advisable to check whether any apartment homes you might want to visit have air-conditioning units installed, because for anyone relocating from a more northerly location in America, they can be essential, even in fall and spring.

The City Layout

Imperial is laid out in a regular grid formation. North Imperial Avenue, which runs north-south through the city, approximately splits it into two halves, with the airport located on the western side. The two major east-west roads are West Aten Road, to the south and West Worthington Road, to the north. Heading north, it takes only about a quarter of an hour by car to reach Brawley. The southern part of Imperial meets northern El Centro with a central drain marking the boundary between the two cities. It only takes about ten minutes to reach downtown El Centro.
Western Imperial

The area to the south of western Imperial has plenty of condo accommodation for rent. Try looking in the popular area close to Joshua Tree Park, south of West Aten Road, or the area around Oasis Street, to the west of the airport. Closer to North Imperial Avenue, the residences have a slightly higher density and you are more likely to find two bedroom apartments around here.

Eastern Imperial

Okay, so truth be told the part of Imperial that lies on the other side of North Imperial Avenue, or State Highway 86, is much the same, in terms of its housing, as what you find on the west. Located close to the Rodeway Inn you can find The California Mid-Winter Fairgrounds. These fairgrounds are in the heart of the city and are home to a series of events during the year such as which include...

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