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June 16th was approaching; John had yet to ask his father if he would take him to the enthusiast’s event at the local amusement park, Kings Dominion. John knew his time was short; if he did not ask he would not be able to go.
Then the evening of June 10th his father was home from work early. This was John’s chance, he stealthily observed his fathers actions to make sure his father was in a good mood and that it would be a good day to ask. His waiting served him good, for he picked the day when his father had received a big bonus on his paycheck. When he timidly asked his father, “Father, at Kings Dominion they are holding a special event for enthusiasts, can we go?”
“Why of course, that sounds like a great idea,” the father replied ecstatically.
“Great, we need to make sure to get tickets soon,” the son reminded his father.
“We will get the tickets tonight,” the father replied before the son could finish his statement.
When they logged on to the computer, they were shocked. After double checking they had to face the truth. The last ticket to the event had just been sold. They had been so exited to go the event, but they would not get to go for the fact that the park had run out of tickets.
John was despondent; he could not believe his luck. He wondered if he had asked earlier if he would have got the tickets. He wondered if he could get fraudulent tickets to the event, he could not. He decided to contact the prominent public relations employee to see if additional tickets could be obtained. When the employee replied that it would not be possible, John began to think of the park as the antagonist of the story. With deep rue the day passed.
Almost a year after the calamity, it was announced the park would be doing the event due to its high popularity. This year John made sure he was the first person to get tickets by repeating a sentence that his language arts teacher gave him, “I cannot accentuate the importance of putting your name on your paper.” But this time John simply replaced it to say “I cannot accentuate the importance of buying your tickets early.
This time he was sure to ask his father early, they got the first two tickets sold for the event. Unfortunately for John bad news came, the day’s weather forecast was horrible. He wondered if the event would be canceled. He wondered if the park would close. Would the event go on as planned? Luckily for John the event day came and the weather could not be nicer due to a high front that had come through the night before. The park was deserted because nobody would want to come on a bad day. For him he felt like he had received on an extension on his Exclusive Ride Time (ERT), there was a never a wait for a ride they were all walk-ons.
For John the good news kept on coming. He found out that there was a photo contest and he entered. He also found out that the park was extending the enthusiasts’ ERT. John could not believe the news. Later that day at the buffet he discovered that his...

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