John Skelton: The Man With His Fingers In Many Pies

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The Renaissance was an extremely important time in History for every historian alike. There were poets, scholars, theists, politicians, writers, actors, artists, and scientists. I would like to bring the focus on one man – of this time - in particular. This Gentleman’s name is John Skelton: a famous poet and friend of many wealthy men. John Skelton was a pillar of stereotype for the type of art and hard work that was put into the renaissance. John Skelton lived a life of promise and politics, he achieved many great things in the poetry world and many person achievements, and finally he has greatly impacted the poetry world since the 1500’s. I feel like this man embodies what people could have done to have had a lasting impact on the world.
John Skelton’s name comes with and heir of ambiguity when it comes to his early life. There is little we know about this fabulous man’s early life but we know he did have a great latter half of his life. He was born at an unknown location in 1460 1. Though historians could try and figure out what happened in his early life, there are many things that created the man who we know today. John went to Cambridge University, he received a degree in rhetoric at both Cambridge and Oxford1.
Our Mr. John Skelton moves on from college to become scolemaster to the Duke of York because of his great ability to translate Ancient Greek and Roman in to the vernacular1. He also became the court poet for King Henry VII1. John went on, in 1502, to become King Henry’s biggest advisor, at this time he was also taking holy orders1.
After John lived through his real-life origin story, he had some astounding achievements. John Skelton completely changed the way people looked, read, wrote, and felt about poetry. John Skelton is the father of many poems and also a famous style of poetry called Skeltonics6. Skeltonics is “short verses of an irregular metre”6. This means that the verses of the poems were odd in a rhythmic sense, off count or a strange beat. Skeltonics depends on literary devices like “alliteration [and] parallelism”6. John’s dedication to his work brought us this brilliant form of writing along with its many advantages.
One of Skelton’s first famous pieces of poetry is The Bowge of Courte. He word “bowge” means “reward [or] provisions”1. This poem was revolutionary for its time because it was a typical dream vision (filled with allegory) that moves from hillside to a public location. This poem was 535 lines long and spoke about life and the human experience3. Another Poem that got people thinking was The Garland of Laurel. Skelton wrote this poem in 1495, so, before he got the job with King Henry1. This poem was one of his early works. This poem talks about his (life so far). This was also one of the first big works that Skelton wrote.1. This poem was remembered because it made fun of...

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