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22 January 2001 John SteinbeckJohn Steinbeck, American novelist, won the 1962 Nobel Laureate in Literature for his realistic and imaginative writings. No other author has quite achieved Steinbeck¡¯s Humanistic style. He combined sympathetic humor and keen social perception as in The Grapes of Wrath. He also is capable of realistic portraying the tenderness of human relationship as in Of Mice and Men and The Pearl. He also shows the pain of outcast individuals in Cannery Row. Quite possible the greatest writer during the 20th century, Steinbeck uses his experiences to make his writing poignant and realistic.John Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California. After graduating from high school, he spent four years at Stanford University, but he did no get a degree. He chose to work many jobs instead of studying at the university to gain more various experiences. Many of these experiences are present throughout his works. He struggled financially at first before his first success. Kunitz states, ¡°his first three books (Cup of Gold, The Pastures of Heaven, and To a God Unknown) were financial failures and for a long time he was very poor¡± (Kunitz 1338). However, he wrote Grapes of Wrath, and won the Pulitzer award. Charles Moritz said ¡°Notoriety was not congenial to Steinbeck, and at the height of the clamor over the Grapes of Wrath, he went with his friend, who figures as Doc in Sweet Thursday and Cannery, on a scientific expedition to the Gull of California¡±(Moritz 398).Clearly Steinbeck¡¯s genuine love humanity shows in these works. Steinbeck rages from the romantic history of his first novel to the gayety of Tortilla Flat. ¡°Tortilla Flat far exceeded its publisher¡¯s mild expectations: it appeared on the best-seller lists for months and was denounced by the Monterey Chamber of Commerce, who feared its discourage effect on the tourist trade¡±(Moritz 398). About religion part, Steinbeck was in revolt against Puritan social exploitation which so often accompanies it. Kunitz said, ¡°he was not without religion: his religion was built on a kind of mysticism which was not the less impressive because it as naturalistic as his ethics¡±(Kunitz 1339).Another major social focus for Steinbeck was the Dust Bowl myth. His great commentary on this myth is, of course, The Grapes of Wrath. The Joads, representing many families, set out to California with high hopes only to meet many grim hardships. ¡°Of all the grim spectacles created by the Great Depression, none has won a stronger hold on the American imagination then the travails of the Dust Bowl migrants¡±(Shindo 25). Steinbeck shows the American grit and determination. Steinbeck...

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Biography of John Steinbeck. Essay

593 words - 2 pages John Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California in 1902 and attended Stanford University intermittently between 1920 and 1926. Steinbeck did not graduate from Stanford, but instead chose to support himself through manual labor while writing. His experiences among the working classes in California lent authenticity to his depiction of the lives of the workers who are the central characters of his most important novels. Steinbeck spent much of his

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1214 words - 5 pages John Steinbeck was a writer who used naturalism in his works to to bring awareness about problems in society that he dealt with in his own life. He frequently dealt with the economic and social problems of migrant workers in California and how they dealt with everyday life. He wrote through his fiction about what he knew and what affected him personally. Specifically, he wrote a novella entitled, Of Mice and Men, about two California migrant

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957 words - 4 pages Michael Banks Michael Banks 18 November, 2010 English 1102 Mrs. Sullivan The Chrysanthemums Throughout history, women have often been portrayed as the "weaker sex". As a result, women have tried hard to dissociate from common stereotypes about ones' sexual identity and develop into an independent woman throughout her own life. Many writers have addresses the issue in his or her novels or short stories. John

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3774 words - 15 pages The story I admire the most is, "The Chrysanthemums". There are two different versions of "The Chrysanthemums" circulating. There is a difference, but the differences are not extensive enough to alter the basic relationship in the story. The short story I am going to discuss is in "The Long Valley." ( French 183, Parani 210-211) John Steinbeck uses central symbolism and makes his story visual and very detailed. He

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1541 words - 6 pages David T. LaiMr. McCarthyAmerican Literature Period 712 May 2003How did The Great Depression influence the works of John Steinbeck?The purpose of this paper is to discover the role that the Great Depression played on the work of John Steinbeck."I must go over to the interior valleys. There are about five thousand families starving to death over there, not just hungry but starving. The government is trying to feed them and get medical attention to

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814 words - 3 pages In John Steinbeck's The Pearl, a destitute pearl diver finds a giant pearl with whichhe hopes to buy peace and happiness for his family. Instead, he learns that the valuable pearlcan not buy happiness but only destroy his simple life. Throughout the fable, there is aconstant theme woven through the characters and setting which encompasses the struggleamong social classes to become successful. Steinbeck, a novelist known for his

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1705 words - 7 pages Many people in the world today grow crazy and mad when surrounded by even the slightest bit of wealth and good fortune. Even a strong person who recognizes their priorities can still become corrupt with too much power. There is no better example of a person falling into the path of evil and corruption than in a novel written by John Steinbeck. In the novel The Pearl, by John Steinbeck, the author writes about a poor Indian man named Kino who

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1180 words - 5 pages John Steinbeck's The Pearl tells the story of a pearl diver named Kino. Kino lives a simple life, and adores his family. At the beginning of the story Steinbeck shows how content Kino’s family is. Everything seems to be going perfect for Kino and his family that is until the discovery of the most wonderful pearl in the world changes his life forever. As the story advances Kino’s newborn, Coyotito gets bitten by a scorpion. Kino’s wife, Juana

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1055 words - 4 pages In The Pearl, by John Steinbeck, evil transforms certain citizens into greedy and envious vultures. John Steinbeck, a noble prize winning author, wrote a parable about how the pearl of the world changed a peaceful and happy family into a tragedy. The Pearl takes place off the Gulf of California in La Paz, Mexico where the main character, Kino a young Mexican-Indian pearl diver undergoes various changes. Steinbeck has a love for marine biology

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1303 words - 5 pages Struggle for Justice John Steinbeck's In Dubious Battle vividly describes the inadequate condition of the workers during the Great Depression in a community called, Torgas Valley. Jim Nolan, an intelligent yet an unhappy character chooses to join a communist party. He decides to leave behind his former life. Being alone all this time, Jim wants to have the sense of belongingness. Steinbeck creates a story of a man's journey in search of

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1807 words - 8 pages Born on February 27, 1902, in Salinas, California, John Ernst Steinbeck is one of the world’s most popular authors. Steinbeck’s American classics depict portraits of the conditions of human life, struggles and triumphs. He is commonly known for his novels The Grapes of Wrath, East of Eden, and novella Of Mice and Men. “He was an intellectual, passionately interested in his odd little inventions, in jazz, in politics, in philosophy, history, and

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1119 words - 4 pages John SteinbeckJohn Steinbeck, a 20th century novelist, was the recipient of numerous awards including the Nobel Prize. Steinbeck, a conservative that valued the old America, could produce pages of beauty followed by pages of sheer trash writing using specific characteristics, which his work is characterized by. John Steinbeck's work is characterized by symbolism and allegory, which can be seen in his novels The Pearl, The Grapes ofWrath, and his

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1226 words - 5 pages John Ernst Steinbeck Jr is one of America’s greatest novelists. Steinbeck was born February 27th, 1902 and died of a heart attack on December 20th, 1968.(nobel page 1) He is the son of John Steinbeck and Olive Hamilton. Steinbeck wrote 27 books. Some of his best known work includes Of Mice and Men (1937), The Long Valley (1938), and East of Eden (1962). Since Steinbeck was raised and grew up in the early 1900’s, his novels were greatly

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1019 words - 5 pages John Ernest Steinbeck Jr. was born February 27, 1902 in Salinas, California. (The Biography Channel) His family was never wealthy, but they were middle-class, and his father John Ernest Steinbeck had several jobs to keep food on the table, and his mother Olive Hamilton was a school teacher. He was the third child of four children, and all of his siblings were girls. His father owned a feed-and-grain store, managed a flour shop, and was Monterrey