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John Stott’s The Cross of Christ will remain a fixture on anyone’s bookshelf who seeks to delve into the depths of Christology. This book is not one that is read once and consumed in completion but promises to continue to challenge and inform the reader upon multiple encounters. With an urgency to awaken the heart of the believer to the centrality of the Cross, Stott shares his own heart and passion while continuing to be precise, logical, and thorough. Its universal impact on one’s conceptions of one’s faith and the actions that flow from that recognition, make it a great tool for ministers and leaders wishing to disciple younger believers into the profundities it has to offer.
In order to appreciate the wisdom shared by Stott it is helpful to understand his background and circumstances. Born in 1921 in London, Stott grew up believing in Jesus his whole life. Yet he became aware for the need for more and said of his own conversion, “I was holding Christ at arm’s length, and keeping him outside. I knew that to open the door might have momentous consequences. I am profoundly grateful to him for enabling me to open the door. Looking back now more than fifty years, I realize that that simple step has changed the entire direction, course, and quality of my life.” His struggle to leap from a lukewarm faith of comfort to answer the call to suffer as Christ suffered comes across in his earnest desire to plea with the reader to go beyond grasping mentally the truths he shares but also to grasp them within their own soul. His time at Trinity College in Cambridge equipped him with a firm grasp on modern languages. Throughout The Cross of Christ, there are expository descriptions of the Greek words from the New Testament quotes he uses to verify his ideas and theology. He has authored over 50 other publications and as the foreword from Alister McGrath affirms, “Its continuing impact and relevance after the passage of twenty years since its publication suggest that this book has all the makings of a classic.” (Stott 2006, 12)
The methodical manner of Stott’s approach to the Christology allows for the reader to develop alongside the text and preventing any kind of overwhelming lost-ness. There are four main sections beginning with approaching the cross, heart of the cross, the achievement of the cross and living under the cross. It in a way mimics a relationship in the manner of a first encounter with someone leading to a deeper knowledge of someone that the effects a person’s actions moving forward. The first section talks at length about the historical and documented perceptions of the cross, ending with the emphasis that, “the cross enforces three truths- about oneself, about God and about Jesus Christ.” These truths are that one’s sin is ghastly, God’s love is wonderful, and the gift of salvation is free. (85-86) The subsequent section takes time to define things taken for granted within the church: God’s wrath, sacrifices, and substitution....

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