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John Versus Luke Essay

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While John and Luke both highly respected men in their places of residency and are portrayed as “Christ figures” they are divergent in their personalities and motives. Both men are intentionally depicted with resemblance to Jesus Christ but the time period, and location their stories take place contribute to their different personalities. Although their roles in their stories are parallel their goals they both have differ in the fact that John is trying to make amends for breaking the law and Luke is trying to escape the consequences of breaking the law. Even though John and Luke are separated by time and location they have similar characteristics in both stories such as: their presence among criminals, confrontation with devilish beings, temptations, and experiencing agonizing pain. Lastly both of the authors intentionally added Christian imagery in their stories emphasizing John and Luke’s Christ figure roles.
There are many symbols, physical traits, and qualities associated with Jesus Christ and John and Luke both embody the most common and well known traits. The main antagonist of each story Abigail Williams for the crucible and the bosses from cold hand Luke represent confrontation with a devilish deity. In both stories both men end up in prison and therefore among criminals which are a common experience shared with Christ. In addition to this throughout the stories the author/producer gives settle hints that john and Luke are Christ figures. For example towards the end of the crucible John pronounces that “ god is dead” with outstretched arms, likewise after Luke eats 50 eggs, which represent rebirth of Jesus, he is then depicted with outstretch arms. These outstretched arms I direct symbolism of Jesus Christ on the cross. Also in the movies both men endure strenuous labor john being a farmer and Luke being on a chain crew. In parallel comparison the producers of both movies emphasize the number 3, which symbolizes Christ three forms and is resurrection on the third day. In the crucible john has three sons and is in prison for three months and in Cool hand Luke, Luke is in torched for three days and tries to escape three times. Lastly both men endure agonizing pain...

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