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John Waters' Cult Classic "Pink Flamingos."

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As a student at a Catholic high school in Baltimore in the 1960s, John Waters sneaked off to see all the movies condemned by the church's Legion of Decency. Prior to the creation of Pink Flamingos, John Waters was ejected from NYU film school for having the wrong attitude towards film. "Originating and working in Baltimore, Md., and inspired by New York underground filmmakers like the Kuchar brothers, Andy Warhol, and Kenneth Anger, Waters perfected his art of no-budget works" with titles like Multiple Maniacs and Mondo Trasho. "But in 1972, the 25-year-old auteur outdid himself. Borrowing $12,000 from his father, a successful manufacturer of fire-protection equipment, he created Pink Flamingos." The tale of two families battling for the title "filthiest people alive" earned millions and made a star of his childhood pal, Harris Glenn Milstead, more commonly known as the drag queen Divine.Waters received his title of "Prince of Puke" through Pink Flamingos. This explicit film has turned stomachs all over the world. "When Waters screened the movie for a course he taught at a Maryland prison, several convicted murderers and rapists walked out in disgust."2 Waters' vivid display of incest, rape, egg fetishes, illegal adoption rings, cannibalism, and the act of eating real dog feces has laid Pink Flamingos on the top shelf of all cult classic collections. When creating Pink Flamingos, Waters did not hold back in breaking every taboo in existence. Pink Flamingos has been argued to have contributed to the decline of American media. It is said that John Waters single handedly laid the tracks for shows such as Married with Children, Jackass, and The Tom Green Show. It is plain to see the similarities between these. Prior the Pink Flamingos, no one really pushed the barriers of what was considered to be acceptable and unacceptable. John Waters did not tip-toe the line, instead he took a large mallet and crushed the barriers of properness. Without Pink Flamingos, it is difficult to say if movies such as Freddy Got Fingered would be around today.Upon release, Pink Flamingos ran for ninety-five weeks in New York City and ten consecutive years in Los Angeles as a midnight showing.This was the early glimmering of truly on-the-skids cinema. It was an attitude. It was an event. This was a new young Bunuel distorting the suburban status quo.Waters discusses some basic themes in this raunchy farce, including that of the archetypal gangster or western film. The villains in these movies often times have a fixation on violence and senseless killing without guilt. Waters also possesses this fixation. Another theme is the idea of social...

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