John Wayne Gacy, A.K.A. "Pogo The Clown"

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To prepare for his next parole hearing, Gacy completed many high school courses, and obtained a high school diploma, and in 1970, after serving 18 months of his 10 year sentence, was paroled to his mother’s custody. He was to live with his mother and observe a 10pm curfew as conditions of his parole. (Foreman, pg. 63)
In 1971 he was charged with assaulting another teenage boy. The boy claimed that Gacy had met him in a Greyhound bus station, and took him home where he tried to force himself sexually upon him. The boy never showed up to court, and the charges were dropped. The Iowa parole board was not informed of this incident, and in October of 1971 his parole ended. Records of Gacy’s conviction were then sealed by the state of Iowa. (Linedecker, pg. 53)
Also, in 1971, Gacy bought a house in Norwood Park Township. His mother helped him with the money needed, and they moved in to the house together. Soon after, Gacy became engaged with a lady named Carole Hoff, who had 2 daughters from a previous marriage. A week before the wedding, Gacy was once again arrested, after a young man reported to the police that Gacy had pretended to be a police officer, lured him into Gacy’s car, and forced him to perform oral sex. These complaints were dropped when the victim attempted to blackmail Gacy. (Sullivan & Maiken, pg. 278)
In January of 1972, Gacy picked up a fifteen year old boy named Timothy McCoy, who was travelling from Michigan to Omaha. He offered the boy a sightseeing tour of Chicago, and a place to spend the night. Gacy claims that McCoy woke him up early the next morning standing over him with a butcher’s knife. As Gacy leapt out of bed, the boy accidentally cut him, and Gacy pounced upon the boy, disarmed him, and stabbed him repeatedly in the chest, killing him. However, when Gacy left the room, he realized that the boy had set the table and was preparing to cook eggs and bacon, and had forgotten that he carried the knife with him as he went to wake Gacy for breakfast. Gacy then proceeded to bury the boy in a crawlspace under his house, and later covered the spot with concrete. In later interviews, Gacy said that he experienced an orgasm while murdering the boy, and that’s when he realized that death was the “ultimate thrill.” (Cahill, pg. 348-349)
Also in 1972, Gacy quit his day job and started “PDM Contracting”. As his business grew, he was able to take on employees. One employee traveled with Gacy to Florida to check on some property Gacy had bought. The first night the two were alone in a hotel room, Gacy attacked and raped the man. When they returned to Norwood Park, the man drove over to Gacy’s house, and attacked him in his yard. Gacy was beaten severely until his mother-in-law stopped the attack. Gacy explained it away, saying that he refused to pay the man for his shoddy work. Thus began a pattern that would carry through until his arrest in 1978: those who fought back, survived. Those who did not or...

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