John Wayne Gacy, Jr.: The Killer Clown

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This criminal behavior psychological analysis paper is taking a look into the life of a serial killer, who is known as, John Wayne Gacy, Jr. He is best known for dressing up as a clown and committing violent killings of specific targets; the nickname he is known for is the “Killer Clown”. Moreover, Gacy is an important individual to study or analyze due to the many merciless anguish murders he committed and the factors that took place throughout his childhood to adulthood, which may have had influential elements of the actions he performed on his poor and vulnerable victims. Understanding Gacy’s actions and mindset can be quite complex to society as well as how he became one of the most prolific and notorious murders in the United States. The importance I find to be relevant, which played a major role in John Wayne Gacy’s numerous murders in Chicago, Illinois, are the social dysfunctional structures followed as: his father-son relationship, being antisocial in school, and environment. Future professionals in criminology can better understand and go into depth about the psychological theories found in most murderers in correlation to Gacy’s horrendous proceedings as some theorists have already been revealing theories of their own that relate to how Gacy grew up to be a murderer. For example, “Theorists consider moral behavior to be self-regulated through mechanisms of self-evaluation where one can approve or disapprove irresponsible or inhumane behavior. It is clear that Gacy showed a lack of moral behavior and hence, in the act was not able to disapprove his behavior adequately to avoid it completely” (“John Wayne Gacy Jr. | Criminology”, n.d.). The professionals can grasp the insight that there is value perhaps in keeping this brutal killer’s story of John Wayne Gacy, Jr. alive, which may provide a timeless lesson that evil can take on many disguises.
To focus more thoroughly on the criminal and his behavior, we take a deeper look into John Gacy’s life and who were his victims, what were his usual methods of killing his targets, and what measures did the authorities (police) utilize to investigate the thirty-three brutal murders Gacy committed. John Wayne Gacy, who was born on March 17, 1942, was a man of unusual appearance. According to a source, “evidence showed the defendant, Gacy, led a double life, engaging in charitable and political activities at the same time he was committing a series of sadistic torture murders”, which can display no signs of a criminal-to-be or danger to society (Blanco, n.d.). People always state ‘expect the unexpected’. Prior to Gacy’s murders, rumors frequently spread amongst the community about his homosexuality and he was even arrested for sexual involvement or to be exact sodomizing a teenage boy – there was doubt to begin with. With doubt there should always be an eye out on the criminal; when perpetrating his murders on his targets, John’s tactics or way of committing the violent acts would to “lure his...

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2057 words - 9 pages 2014. FBI. “Crime in the United States 2011: Murder” Unknown. Web. March 2014. FBI. “Serial Murder: Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives for Investigators.” Unknown. Web. March 2014. Freeman, Shanna. “How Serial Killers Work.” October 2007. Web. March 2014. (Pg 1,2,3). Montaldo, Charles. “Profile of John Wayne Gacy the “Killer Clown””. Unknown. Web. March 2014. Murderpedia. “John Wayne GACY Jr.” Unknown. Web. March 2014. Murderpedia. “Gacy.pdf”. Unknown. Web. March 2014. NNDB. “Jeffrey Dahmer.” Unknown Web. March 2014.

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