John Woo's Road To Fame Essay

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John Woo's Road to Fame"I'm not a master; I'm just a hard-working filmmaker. I would like everyone to see me as a friend rather than a master."--John WooWe see him as a master, but he only thinks of himself as a hard-working filmmaker. We see him as an inspiration to all action movies while he thinks of himself as a simple human being. We are all different in our very own ways and as for John Woo, his sense of action sequences and camera work extinguishes him from the rest of the world. He might have been poor growing up, but his love for films never died ever since he had stepped into a theatre.His passions for movies started back in his childhood, the days when his family was poor and had to be supported by churches and various charities. Even in those desperate times, John Woo's mother would still take him to the western theatre daily, where he first saw the magic of the moving picture. He studied each and every film carefully, inspecting every little aspect, the good parts and the bad parts. As a teenage, he still didn't have any money to do any in-depth hand on work with films, but eventually, he would get his hands on some borrowed film equipment - and that was when he first experimented with cameras and films with his very own hands."I was fascinated by the musicals, I think they influenced me the most. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Singing in the Rain are my favourites."--John Woo"When I was 11, even though we were poor, my mother was a fan of movies from the west. She used to bring me to the theatre. At that time, a parent could bring a child to the theatre for free. I was fascinated by the musicals, I think they influenced me the most. Also a lot of Fred Astaire...I loved movies and I wanted to be a filmmaker some day."--John WooAs time went on, he finally caught his first break in 1969 when Cathay Studios in Hong Kong hired him as a script-supervisor. Two years later, he moved to Shaw Bros., where he officially took as an assistant director. As the assistant director, he was mentored by Chang Cheh, who was one of the most recognized director during that era. Working under Chang Cheh, Woo learned two valuable aspects of films that he would never forget - the art of filming action and the importance of editing, which we still see today in every one of his films.After years of study and hard-work under Chang Cheh, Woo finally made his director debut. A movie named "The Young Dragons" was this special piece of work. The film was a great success in the box office and was Woo's first official step to being a world-class director. Inside this film though, Woo showed everyone two things that soon he would be recognized by - dynamic fluid camera work and elaborated choreographed action sequences.Upon the success of "The Young Dragon", Woo would go on to sign with Golden Harvest, another huge and uprising producing company. At Golden Harvest, Woo would soon produce his newest hit. The special part about this film was that Woo didn't only...

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