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johnnicASSINGMENT BY GROUP 2TEAM LEADER : RADEN VAN JAARSVELD (9834286)TEAM : DEREK COETZEE (9541236): MARK LANGLEY (9132988): EUGINIA MBARENIA (9408436)2003/09/16TABLE OF CONTENTS1TABLE OF CONTENTS 2INTRODUCTION 3SWOT ANALYSIS 3STRENGHTS 3WEAKNESSES 4THREATS 4OPPORTUNITIES 5WHO OWNES JOHNNIC? 6WHAT IS THE OWNERS (MANAGERS) ROLE IN THE ORGANISATION? 6VISION 7MISSION STATEMENT- overriding purpose of the organisation 7WHAT BUSINESS ARE THEY IN? 8DIRECTION FOR STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT 8A. PROTECT AND BUILD CURRENT POSITION 8Withdrawal: 9Consolidation: 10Market Penetration: 11B. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT 11C. MARKET DEVELOPMENT 12FRAMEWORK FOR EVALUATING AND SELECTION OF STRATIGIES 12Strategic analysis 13Strategic options 13Assessment of suitability 14Establishing the Rationale: 14Screening option: 14Steps in assessing suitability 15Acceptability 16Feasibility 16Selection of strategies 17CONCLUSION 18REFERENCE INTRODUCTIONJohnnic holdings Limited (Johnnic), formerly known Johnnies Industrial Corporation Limited, has its roots in Africa as part of Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Company Limited (JCI), a mining company dating back to the late 1800's.By 1996, the firm had matured into an industrial holding company, with a diverse range of interest under the Anglo American umbrella. In that same year a historical agreement was reach between Anglo American and the National Empowerment Consortium (NEC), a broadly based group of Black business and labour interest. The agreement ultimately culminated in Anglo American relinquishing control of the company, with the NEC becoming the majority shareholder with35% equity.The NEC launched the pioneering Ikangeng Johnnic Scheme on 22 April 1997 to allow individuals from historically disadvantaged communities to own a stake in the company.Taking into cognisance that new economy era had dawned, the Johnnic management realised that in order to sustain Johnnic and ensure future maximum shareholder value, the company had to transform from disparate passive industrial conglomerate into a focused media, entertainment and telecommunication group.SWOT ANALYSISSTRENGHTSBlack empowermentNEC has a large trade union membershipCash - rich - R3 billion in 2000Acquiring Transnets M-Cell - sharesFor R2.5 billionControlling shareholder of M-Cell - 6 largest share listed on JSEOnline arenaGood relations with trade unionsLeadership was part of unions prior to their positions and have good understanding of how they workEmployee's receive above market related benefitsWEAKNESSESHave to integrate one group out of all underlying businessesR4 billion in debt in 1999Battle to create corporate cultureClose door organisationCapital is mainly made up of sale assetsTHREATSMorale pressure on the company as a black empowerment companyNo black CEOMarket has not yet identify convergence as a PossibilityConflicts between groups in Uganda, Rwanda and Nigeria could have a negative effect on businessOpposition in the communications market is...

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