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Johnny Cash And June Carter Cash

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June Carter Cash helped Johnny cash quit using drugs and also helped him stop drinking. June carter was Johnny cash’s second wife after Vivian liberto and she too was a musician like Johnny cash. “June and john met in 1956 backstage at an Elvis Presley show”. (JOHNNY CASH) They went on touring together and john and June grew fonder of each other. Finally at a show in front of thousands of fans June carter agreed to marry john after he proposed to her on stage. They both lived happily for thirty-five years and they also had a child together named john carter cash.
Johnny cash was born February 26, 1932 in Kingsland Arkansas. His original name his parents gave him was J.R. Cash but later ...view middle of the document...

John left his family and move to New York getting into more and more trouble. He got into lots of trouble with the law including trying to smuggle drugs through the Mexican border. The peak of his drug addiction is when he met a girl name Waylon Jennings. Those two started a one and a half year drug crazed rampage pushing john to very brink of death nearly dying twice of an almost drug overdose. John moved to Nashville hoping to kick the addiction. That’s when john met a girl name June carter; “he credits her on saving him and cleaning his life and career”.() Johnny cash proposed to June carter in front of thousands of fans. They both had a child together named john carter cash. The couple would often sing duets and make songs together. Some of their hits include, “Jackson, long-legged guitar, pick in man and it aint me babe”.()
From then on cash has been a success releasing more and more chart topping albums and hits like at “At Folsom prison became a top seller at over a million”.() he was given many invites from various artist like bob Dylan to even performances at the white house to perform for Richard Nixon. John continued to tour and make hits through the seventies. And through all this he has been clean from drugs and alcohol. Later on into the early 80s john gathered up some of his music buddies and started “the highwaymen”(), john recorded three albums with the highwaymen two when he was alive and the third was released after he passed away. These albums were hits and john kept releasing hit after hit
By the time were it seems that the good and easy days will never end johns contract with Columbia records had ended so he signed to mercury records and he knew that his type of music has changed. Country music has been covered and forgotten about replaced with the rock n roll scene. Johnny cash says in a interview, “country music has been replaced by hat acts”. () though he continued to tour it became a problem cause he would often bring his entourage of family kind of slowing him down. So john turned to acting to get through it. He starred in western TV shows and movies. He also had some rising health problems and also had to get treated again for his addiction to painkillers.
Johnny cash always came back to his love for music. To keep up with the changing music time john came out with “American recordings” which was a revitalizing album for his career. By 1992 john...

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