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The difference between Americans today and way back when is very different. Johnny Cash and Luke Bryan are both very great men that achieved great things. They are very similar but are also very different. From the 1920s to now, country music has changed drastically from singing about love to having fun and partying, and this shows how different things were important as a whole.
Johnny’s life hasn’t been the easiest to get through. Raised in Kingsland, Arkansas in a small town of Dyess. In his Encyclopedia article about Cash’s life and career, Mcleod explains that his upbringing was in a bible-belt town that published Sunday School Attendance Figures in the weekly newspaper. He was born on February 26,1932 (Bill Miller). While he was a teenager he worked on his family farm and he despised it very much (Kembrew, McLeod). Being born one of seven children, he always had someone to hangout with. During the mid sixties, Johnny became very addicted to drugs, and alcohol. When he got drunk he had a tendency to like to start arguments and to try and fight people. As the author, Bill Miller states, Cash’s reason for his behavior was that he had to keep up with the “hectic world”. The life he lived was definitely was not the easiest but he tried to make the best of it.
On the other hand, Luke Bryan had a pretty great life growing up as a child. Thomas Luther Bryan was born on July 17, 1976 (Student Resources). Everyone calls him Luke because that’s what he has preferred since he was a little boy. Luke was into country music ever since he was born. Tons of memories he made with his family, like sitting in a truck singing country music at the top of their lungs. As he grew up and got older he started to play in front of people and started becoming more comfortable with it. Anywhere that was willing for him to play he did. At the age of seventeen he started playing weekly at a local bar (Student Resources). At that moment he knew he loved singing. He liked to play music to put people in better moods. That was his only dream and now he is living it.
Johnny and Luke have someone similar stories. Luke had a brother who was killed in a car accident the day Luke was supposed to leave to go to Nashville to attend his first year of college (Student Resources). At that time Luke decided to stay home and help out his dad working at his father business (Finan Eileen). Both Luke and his father knew it was not working but Luke just couldn’t get up and leave his family after his brothers terrible accident (Anthony DeCurtis). He wanted to go so bad but knew his family would be upset, so he decided to stay to make his family happy. Johnny on the other hand had two tragedies in his lifetime. According to Bill Miller, Johnny’s brother Jack was killed in a bizarre farming accident. He had cut himself on accident with a grisly saw mill and had bled to death. Later on, after being married to his wife for years, she passed away from complications of diabetes (Bill...

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