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Johnson And Johnson Report

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History of the corporationBrothers James and Edward Mean Johnson founded their medical products company in 1885 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. In 1886 Robert Wood Johnson joined his brothers to make the antiseptic surgical dressing he developed, with 14 employees on the fourth floor of a small building that once was a wallpaper factory. In 1887, the company was incorporated as Johnson and Johnson. Johnson and Johnson entered the surgical dressing industry with few hospitals in the United States that were large enough to use Lister's methods of antisepsis. The first products were improved medicinal plasters containing medical compounds mixed in an adhesive. "In 1888 the company published the ...view middle of the document...

Product lines in the 1940's included Ortho (Birth Control Products) and Ethicon (sutures). In 1959 Johnson and Johnson bought McNeil Labs, which launched, Tylenol (acetaminophen) as an over- the- counter (OTC) the next year. Foreign acquisitions included Switzerland's Cilag-Chemie (1959) and Belgium's Janssen (1961). The company focused on consumer products in the 1970's, gaining half of the feminine protection market and making Tylenol the top selling painkiller.Trouble struck in 1982 when someone laced Tylenol capsules with cyanide, eight people. The company immediately recalled 31 million bottles and totally redesigned its packaging to prevent future tampering. It cost the company about $240 million, but it saved the Tylenol brand. The next year the painkiller Zomax was linked to 5 s and was pulled from the shelves.New products in the 1980's included ACUVUE (disposable contact lenses) and Retina. The company bought LifeScan (blood-monitoring products for diabetics) in 1986. In 1989 Johnson and Johnson began a joint venture with Merck to sell Mylanta and other bought from ICI Americas.Johnson and Johnson continued its acquisition and diversification strategy in the 1990's. After introducing the first daily-wear, disposable contact lenses in 1993, it bought skin care products maker Neutrogena (1994) to enhance its consumer lines. The company bought Mitek Surgical Products (1995) and heart disease product maker Cordis (1996).In 1997 Johnson and Johnson acquired the OTC rights to Motrin from Pharmacia & Upjohn in exchange for a variety of consumer products. In 1998 the FDA approved its Indigo LaserOptic system (for treating prostate enlargement) and artificial sweetener sucralose. That year it bought DePuy and launched Benecol, a margarine said to cut "bad" cholesterol by up to 15%.In 1999, the company purchased S.C Johnson & Son's skin care business, including the Aveeno Line. Also that year the company pulled its Hismanal antihistamine and bought biotechnology firm Centocor. The Next Year it bought Innovasive Devices, which makes medicine devices. After more than 80 s were linked to its use, the company pulled heartburn Propulsid from the US market. Also in 2000 the company started a health care services information technology joint venture with Merrill Lynch and made plans to start selling Definity 2 trifocals as its first venture into eyeglass lenses.In 2001, Johnson and Johnson acquired minimally-invasive heart surgery equipment maker Heartport. Also that year the company bought BabyCenter, a well-known online parenting resource, from eToys. That year the company bought and delivery system maker ALZA Corporation, and announced it would acquire the diabetes-care business of Inverness Medical Technology.An ExplanationJohnson and Johnson over the years have aquired numerous companies to fulfill their customer's needs.In 1999, Johnson and Johnson bought the company Indepence Technology, L.L.C, in order to develop products that develop...

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