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Joined At The Hip Essay

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Every morning you probably wake up and the first thing you do is look over at your phone. Realizing that two new texts have come in during the night and you didn’t hear the drab tone of your text messages you come to the conclusion to sleep with your phone. You are now one of people in the 44% who sleep with their phones (Time it took to reach 50 Million Users ). Those two texts you received are two of 200 billion sent every day in the US alone! ( )
After you thoroughly peruse the texts that describe what sounds like a new app full of awesome custom made ice-creams which jump on small platforms to win the game, you download this game becoming on the 5 billion or apps downloaded this year. This has also helped Apple become the leading company in app downloads who is responsible for 99.4% of app downloads. ( )Your next step to preparing yourself for a long day of school is watching that episode you recorded last night at one a.m. while you eat breakfast. As you watch you remember how close you are to winning candy crush and proceed to try and beat the candy maker at his own game. Statistically speaking 80% of people owning phones use it while watching television, this now includes you. (Time it took to reach 50 Million Users )
As you head to your technology ridden car juggling the keys, books, papers, folders, and your phone in your arms you watch as if in slow motion your phone fall screen first onto the ground. Everything seems to stop as you drop everything and check slowly to see if the screen has suffered from the four foot drop to the ground. Sure enough you will be speaking to an Apple consultant later in the day to get a new phone. It’s only been about a year so it was time for a new one any way right? According to the average life span of a phone, most phone owners only keep their phones for a year to a year and a half (Tech). As you speak to the Apple consultant over the phone he suggests you recycle your phone, you dumbfounded that is even possible proceed to look it up on Google. Quickly learning that you actually can recycle your phone at places like Staples you are part of the 30% of the population that now they can recycle their phones. (Tech) You like the rest of population thought the only way to retire your phone was to keep it therefore you have what most of call a junk draw where all of your old phones and their belonging lay to rest. What you may not have realized however is almost every person in the United States has three or more phones retired in the RIP drawer (Retired or Injured Phones...

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