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Krakauer’s Judgment

It is hard to piece together the beliefs that a Realist person has versus the beliefs of a Transcendentalist has. The book contains both philosophies about them but the book itself portrays more of a Transcendentalist feel to it. The author portrays himself as a Realist, he may be known to write about nature, outdoors, but he has a different outlook. In the book, Into the Wild written by Jon Krakauer talks about a young man named Chris McCandless who decides to walk alone into the wilderness in Alaska to invent a new life for himself. He then struggles to make it out on his own and his body is found inside a bus. While both philosophies of Realism and Transcendental ...view middle of the document...

He believed in the importance of living close to nature. He worked at McDonald’s for a very short amount of time, but the people there loved that kid. They often wondered why he was so quiet but nobody has an answer to that he was just simply Chris. The author interviewed just about everyone who worked and knew him and he said” Coworkers found him very odd, but a great and diligent worker” (40). Chris was not always outgoing and friendly he was timid, and the co-workers found him weird at first when he started working at McDonald’s. He was odd to them because he always wore shoes without socks the manager had to ask him nicely to please put socks on while he is working. After work, he would peel those bad boys off. Manual labor is something both society and Chris appreciate, but for different reasons. Because Chris was, a Transcendentalist manual labor is the way to cleanse the soul and feel much closer to nature. However, for Jon Krakauer it is different, as a Realist their characteristics act on their environment rather than just reacting to it. Transcendentalists believed in manual labor, because it cleansed their soul and made them feel peace Krakauer portrayed that characteristic in the book.

Although, Chris had many characteristics of a Transcendentalist he insisted on a complete break from tradition and customs. The author captured every moment of the events in chronological order and it makes sense to us to why Chris did what he did. The author states, “He could simply abandon the Datsun and resume his odyssey on foot” (29). Nevertheless when Krakauer mentions that Chris had just abandoned his beloved car. The Datsun ran out of battery and there was no way on earth for him to get it back to start. McCandless had no choice then to walk out and not tell anyone about this. From that point on, he escaped and was far away from civilization. It was very hard at this point for Chris, because he loved that car very much but he knew that if he stayed and tried to fix the problem. It would avoid him from moving forward with his Alaskan journey. That is when he decided that it was time to depart and start a new life as far away from tradition and custom. The author captured pathos in the story by demonstrating Chris frustration and his stubborn attitude. For example, “You don’t need to worry about me. I have a college education. I am not destitute. I’m living like this by choice” (52). Chris wrote this to Ron Franz in a letter he believed that he could survive the harsh conditions in Alaska. Since he believed in being far away from civilization him chosen to get no help from anyone. He wrote this letter to help Ron Franz understand that nature is all around us we cannot walk away from it. They both grew a very close bond between each other in a very short amount of time. Ron Franz was an old man who previously lost his wife and children due to that he grew a very fatherly affection towards Chris. Chris taught him to believe in God and to be go out...

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