Jon Krakauer: The Man Born To Climb

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Krakauer is said to have an "ability to recreate its effects with a lucid and terrifying intimacy." (Krakauer, Student). Jon Krakauer is a noted writer among the young and mountain climbers. An American nonfiction writer and mountaineer best known for his works and the outdoors and mountain climbing (Krakauer, Student). The intention of this paper is to review his life by focusing on biographical information, his literary background, and a brief summary of his major works and critiques of those pieces.
"It is easy, when you are young, to believe that what you desire is no less than what you deserve, to assume that if you want something badly enough it is your God-Given right to have it" (Krakauer, Eiger Dreams). His birth place was in Brookline, Massachusetts but moved to Corvallis, Oregon when his was two years old. He was an athletic child since he was young, was a "competitive tennis player at Corvallis High School"(Krakauer, Student) where he then graduated in 1972, who there after enrolled into Hampshire College and took up Environmental Science. It has seemed that Jon Krakauer has a busy life from rock climbing, mountain climbing, writing books, being an editor-at-large for Outside magazine yet he has had time for friends, family, and for death. Rob Hall of New Zealand and Scott Fisher of the United States knowing of Krakauer passion for rock climbing decided to recruit Jon, and a few others, to climb Mountain Everest. This gave Krakauer a chance to write an article for Outside magazine, without knowledge of such experienced mountain climbers to face death, but what made them face a bigger challenge was the "unpredictability of nature" (Krakauer, UXL). It seemed from the start of his life to where he is now that his life has consisted mostly of man vs. society, man vs. nature, and man vs. self.
With his bachelor's degree in Environmental Science and a life full of nature bound by experiences that changed the way he thought and the way he saw society, nature, and himself. Jon Krakauer is the writer of "Into the Wild and Into Thin Air, which have become bestsellers." Into the Wild, "the sad saga of a stubborn, idealistic young man" ,one of his most famous books, was inspired in 1977 when "he spent three weeks alone in the wilderness of the Stikine Icecap region of Alaska"(Krakauer, Student) at the age of 23. What is most admired is his courage and his maturation at such a young age to realize in what kind of society he lived in that was mostly run by money and drugs. Into Thin Air was praised for being " meticulously researched and deftly constructed"(Krakauer, Student), his inspiration for this book was tragic and ended with death. "On May 10 and 11, 1996, seven...

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