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I was in a bunker, taliban at my front, bullets whizzing by my head and hitting the sand bags. There are so many explosions, they are throwing grenades at us, if they get close enough we throw them back. I looked to the side, I could possibly take a shot or two. The adrenalin is pumping through me, while all of this is happening. This is real life, this isn’t a video game, where you die and then you respond to a checkpoint, this is it, this is the real deal. These are the exact people we are trying to get rid of, I’ve estimated that there are about 25 of them out there, with 16 of us. This is the job I’ve been set to do, I pull my gun up to my left, I take a few shots at a guy hiding behind a rock. When I see another guy to his left pull up and shoot at me! I duck and cover, stay low. I take a quick peek up, then go to take another shot, but a friendly from behind wants to move up and come beside me. So I tell him “On three I’ll cover you!” I count to three, and I pull up and unload a clip into any foe I see. The soldier made it to me and slid in. I reload, I hit 1 enemy down, and now I have cover from my buddy as well. It made me feel a lot safer, I wasn’t alone, he was here to get my back, and I will get his. The Soldier with me pulls up to shoot, and knocks 2 down. It feels like we are making headway, we are getting closer to achieving our goal, of terminating the taliban.
But then it happens, he went to pull up again and then I hear a shrieking cry from him. He was shot in the arm and was in great pain. Oh my goodness, he was shot, what do I do? I’ve been trained to do this, I’ve got to stay focused, and help him to safety. I cut a hole in his jacket to get the wound visible to me so I can get at it and stop the bleeding. I take a white rag from my bag and wrap it around the wound while putting pressure on it. It’s looking...

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