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Jonas And His Family Essay

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Jonas is the boy child in his family unit. He has a younger sister and a mother and father. At dinnertime, the family units sit at the table and have a time where they share their feelings that they felt during the day. Usually, as children, Jonas and his sister, Lily, have a small argument as to who would share first that night at dinner; but this time Jonas wanted to wait. He was not sure of how he was feeling. Lily went first and told how she was angry with some kids that came to visit that day and how they were not following some of the rules (Lowry 5). Their father went next and told his family unit about a child at the nurturing center he works at (Lowry 7). Their mother took the next ...view middle of the document...

At the time, he feels confused and baffled because he has grown up his whole 12 years of life with always having certain rules in place and these rules tells him to throw it out the window. The rules stated plainly are:
“1. Go immediately at the end of school hours each day to the Annex entrance behind the House of the Old and present yourself to the attendant. (Lowry 68)” This rule that Jonas has to follow is talking about his work hours of his new job as The Receiver of Memory. He has to work from the end of school until the Giver tells him training is over.
“2. Go immediately to your dwelling at the conclusion of Training Hours each day. (Lowry 68)” This rule is somewhat following what the previous rule is making a point of – Jonas’ work/training hours. This is making the point that after he is done with his training; he has to go straight home. He has no time for recreation time.
“3. From this moment you are exempted from rules governing rudeness. You may ask any question of any citizen and you will receive answers. (Lowry 68)” Jonas finds this rule to be startling but found that “it didn’t compel him to be rude; it simply allowed him the option” should it ever arise (Lowry 69). This rule is telling Jonas that if he wants to know anything about anything he can get it. When Jonas asks his parents if they love him, they scorn him for using an incorrect form of language. They ask him if he understands what he did wrong and he lies and says he did understand. This was the first lie he had ever told and he was appalled that he had done such a thing.
“4. Do not discuss your training with...

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