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Joop Essay

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Media outlets such as television has a negative effect on everyone, especially the children. Does prolonged television viewing have negative effects on children? Yes in my opinion. Usually everyone has a mutual agreement that television has a negative effect on the youth. There is a small group of people somewhere in the world who think otherwise, and think television has a positive influence. The bulk of people who oppose my view say television can be educational. The negative television shows outnumber the positive education shows by a longshot. Even though television can be educational, the majority of American children do not want to watch those sort of programs.

Television the greatest invention since sliced whole grain bread. Television have come a long way since the early 1900s and became more appealing every year. They offer different sizes of televisions from 10 inches to 70 inches and different forms such as tube, LED, HDTV, and plasma The more appealing they became There are billions of people in this world and they own billions of televisions. I bet you cannot count on hand how many people you know that do not own a television set. There are over ten thousand channels and still there is almost never anything on that does not give negative vibes.
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Televisions negative influence on children is important to society because children are allegedly the future. If we want society to progress, it is imperative that the children get the best of everything in their childhood. Imagine if children watched all violent television programming their whole young lives. They see all the killings and drug usage and will think it is okay to do since television is full of ignorance.
According to, children usually watch up to 4 hours of television a day. So right after school, they are glued to the television for hours until they go to bed, and wake up with negative images fresh in their heads. I have a lot of younger cousins, and I would hate to see them end up dead or even worse, in prison. All children are impressionable, so they will believe almost anything. So it is better they show them something positive rather than negative during their early years to stay in a positive mind state.
A negative effect television has on children is weight gain. When I was I was around the age of eleven I used to visit my friend next door frequently. He never wanted to go outside and play games he just wanted to watch television. I never seen someone watch so much television in my life he watched it probably 8 hours a day. Food advertising commercials came on constantly while he watched television, making him want to buy more and more food. Every time a food product was displayed he always asked his parents to bring it back home. His eyes stayed glued to the television set and he always had food in his lap. I moved from that area about a year later and when I came back to visit him about six months after the move and he was gargantuan. He...

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