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Jordan Is Back? Essay

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JORDAN'S BACK! AGAIN?? Michael Jordan is back in the N.B.A. The same player that dominated the league for years is back. This time he has a whole new set of hurdles to overcome and a league full of new talent to try and compete with. Age, rule changes, and a new level of athletic ability are some of the walls in front of Jordan's quest to be among the elite in the NBA Once again."I'm not afraid to take a step. If I fall, I fall. If we all can learn something in life, [it's] don't be afraid in doing something you think you're capable of achieving. Don't let anyone determine what your beliefs may be". Over the past months there has been lots of speculation of a Michael Jordan return to the NBA. I have followed the papers and magazines covering his workouts and training, and he seems to be in great physical shape. The question still remains, can Michael Jordan at thirty-eight years of age compete with the young talent the NBA offers such as Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant. These two players are among the many who are redefining the game of basketball, with their athleticism and flashy highflying styles of play. Keeping up with these high flyers would have been a challenge for Michael Jordan in his prime, now at age thirty eight he will have to rely on his experience and be a more crafty player to be affective. "Am I nervous? No. I'm very confident of what I'm capable of doing," Jordan said. "Obviously there are high expectations about what I can do and what I can't do, and that's something I've always had to deal with.In the past Jordan has benefited from the rules in the NBA. Before he could only be double...

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