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Jose Antonio Burciaga, In His Essay Tortillas

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Jose Antonio Burciaga, in his essay “Tortillas”, leads us to believe that tortillas actually helped to make him who he is (507). I am not convinced that banana pudding helped to mold me into the man I am today, but it definitely plays a big role in many of the memories I have made throughout my life. As far as my family is concerned, banana pudding is more than a desert; it is a reminder of family gatherings, loved ones, and days gone by.
Burciaga mentions the fact that he often got in trouble for playing with his tortillas (507). I did not get in trouble for playing with banana pudding, I got in trouble for eating too much of it. My Grandmother Spurlin, my dad’s mom, made the best ...view middle of the document...

My grandmother would combine one half cup of sugar, one third cup of flour, one half teaspoon of salt, two cups of milk, two slightly beaten eggs, and one teaspoon of vanilla. This mixture was then boiled for two minutes, or until it reached the desired thickness. Layers of vanilla wafers and bananas would then be added to a serving dish and covered with the pudding. It sounds rather simple, but no one has been able to make it as good as hers. For example, my Aunt Donna makes it the same way grandmother did, she even puts it in the same type of dish, but somehow it is not the same. I guess she had a secret ingredient, love.
When I think of banana pudding, I think of family, friends, and most importantly, love. Burciaga says “For Mexicans over the centuries, the tortilla has served as the spoon and the fork, the plate and the napkin (507).” For my family, banana pudding has played a role just as important. It is the signature dish at every family event, and has been for as long as I can remember. It will always remind me of my grandmother.
I know Jose Burciaga loved tortillas, but I keep thinking that he missed out because he never got to taste my grandmother’s banana pudding (508). He is not the only one; I have never been to an Italian restaurant that...

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