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Some leaders are known for their personality, styles, charisma and accomplishments, leaders who served as role models for past, present and future generations, leaders that make the difference anywhere they go, leaders that only need a balcony to become a president of a country, leaders from the people and for the people, leaders like Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra, a man who became five times president of Ecuador because of the people’s decision.

The intention of this paper is to analyze the personal history and behaviors of Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra, one of the greatest political leader in the history of Ecuador. Throughout the history of Ecuador, there has been a large number of sitting presidents who have not finished their full presidential terms. While some presidents succeed in completing their presidencies, many do not. This paper focuses on Ecuadoran President Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra and his characteristics as a leader analyzing personal history, traits, skills and behaviors. Velasco held presidential office on five separate occasions, only one of which, he held for a full term of four consecutive years.

Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra was born in Quito on March 19 of 1893. He was son of Juan Velasco Alejandrino Sarda and Delia Ibarra Soberon. Never went to school and completed his studies with his mother. At 16 he suffered the loss of his father; made high school in San Gabriel Centennial College and graduated with a PHD of Jurisprudence at the Central University of Ecuador; he studied at the Sorbonne University in Paris. By then Velasco Ibarra started to develop his leadership traits, extraverted, intelligent, very fluent in his ideas and thoughts, the first stage on his process to become a great people’s leader.

Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra, was a passioned writer, having published several books: “Consciousness and Tragedy” and “Barbarism and Christianity.” He also wrote for the newspaper El Comercio of Quito, Ecuador. At this stage, as a leader, he started developing his personal power, influencing people with his bast knowledge, his unconditional followers considered him a good role model, highly competent and considered.

His political life began in 1932 when he was appointed deputy of the Republic of Ecuador; immediately became vice president of the National Chamber of Deputies and a few days later, president. Velasco Ibarra stated to create a connection with his followers building a strong and frequent interaction principal characteristic of his leadership style. In 1933, he ran for the presidential election and gets the most votes in the history of Ecuador to win with 80% of the vote. As elected president, Velasco Ibarra with the idea to reactivate relationships visited several Latin American countries. The people started to see an emergent leader, supporting his ideas and plan of government. Velasco Ibarra was one of the first politicians to campaign all across Ecuador. He loved to travel to different regions energized...

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