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Jose Marti Essay

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This essay was written in order to find some relation between two great men W.E.B. Du Bois and Jose Marti, and how they strongly believed in not losing one’s self while fighting to adapt and overcome difficult yet exciting new times in the world for both of their respective cultures. Their emotions become evident in their writings, Souls of Black Folk and “Our America” respectively. Both men have the opinion that their cultures may overcome such hardships that they are facing during their respective time period but not by following the path its current leaders are leading them down. Changes must be made and these two men came forward with plans, ready to implement, if given a chance.
Jose Marti was born January 28, 1853, in Havana Cuba. All of this resentment harbored towards Spain during his adolescent years, were the main factors of Mr. Marti becoming not just a Cuban Revolutionary, but an advocate for a different way of thinking for all of Central and South America to also include the Caribbean.
Marti in “Our America” emphasizes the importance of Latin American Countries creating their own ideas and their own identities. He first and foremost was against any tyranny. This idea was simple yet so powerful, and has been a staple in the United States since we became our own country; only allow people that study in the Latin American Country’s university govern said country. “To know is to act with resolution. To know one’s country, and govern it based on that knowledge is the only way to free it from tyrannies” (Marti 1020). This was basically saying if one is not born here one cannot govern here, and because no self-respecting Spaniard would study in the slums of Latin America and that would mean only natural citizens of the Americas would govern countries in the Americas and Marti understood that. Marti wanted universities to teach American History even if it meant leaving out some European History. He has great understanding that in order for a republic to have civil pride the people must know who they are and where they came from; if they do not start with that then no one will stand and fight for their country.
Marti makes a strong case for unifying the people of Latin America. I have unknowingly quoted Jose Marti for a long time in the case of unifying Latin countries. I have for a long time told anyone who listened that if Latin America could just share ideas and become united, instead of seeing each other as opposition it could become the most powerful entity in the world today. Marti had visions of a united Latin America in 1891, “Nations that do not know each other should do so quickly, as allies before a common enemy. “Those who shake fists at each other, like jealous brothers who covet the same land, should join hands and be one” (Marti 1017). The strength that these bonds would create would make it nearly impossible for the tyranny of Spain or any country including the United States and wage battle against a united front. Marti...

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