Josef Mengele: An Unethical Murderer In Concentration Camps

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Josef Mengele a school educated surgeon, was put through misery in the concentration camp doing experiments on twins. Through the critical life, Josef Mengele had a very important and interesting childhood. His childhood consisted of a lot of education. He was a high achiever in school, graduating with honors. Mengele’s work ethic and education played a big role in his life at the concentration camps, from polishing his boots to using his intelligence on surgeries. Mengele lived the life of a survivor and a killer.Mengele said, “Everything will end in catastrophe if natural selection is altered to the point that gifted people are overwhelmed by billions of morons,” he warns, predicting that 90 percent of humans will starve due to stupidity and the remaining ten percent will survive "like reptiles survived. The rest will die, just like the dinosaurs did ... we have to prevent the rise of the idiot masses” (Bulow, Luis). Throughout Mengele’s timeline, his work played the biggest role because it was full of a different surprise everyday from doing surgery on twins to taking peoples eyes out and examining them. Mengele did most of his work throughout his childhood. His family played a huge impact on his life as well by being supportive of his career.
Mengele’s childhood was full of excitement but the excitement never took away from the concentration he placed on his education. Mr. Mengele was born March 16th, 1911 in Günzburg, Germany entitled into a wealthy family. He was an original kid in a happy world growing up with the family he loved. He grew up the eldest of two younger brothers, Karl and Walburga. Mengele placed his belief of nationalism. His family pushed him to to learn more and as much as he could about his religion as time continued. Mengele was raised in a less burdened house because his family was upper class. His family owned a farm equipment business. Mengele was first in line in his family to pursue his parents dream to take over their business. Instead, he decided to go to college at Munich University. Mengele studied physical anthropology and received his Ph. D in 1935 (United States Holocaust Museum). He loved to do experiments. The experiments he enjoyed the most were the ones he performed on people. He even loved to do experiments on twins. Verschuer, a scientist who performed research on twins, was Mengele’s inspiration for experimenting on twins. Mengele was Verschuer’ s assistant in 1937 (United States Holocaust Museum). In the concentration camps he was the only one to follow through with doing surgeries on his twins. Mengele was married twice surprisingly. His first wife was named Irene, then he divorced her and married Martha. His second wife was the widow of his brother Karl in Uruguay.
Mengele’s family owned one of the first farming manufacturing company in their country. Since his family owned a strong and well known business, Mengele probably felt like he had high authority and believed the country owed him...

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