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Joseph J. Ellis' Founding Brothers : The Revoluntary Generation

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Joseph J. Ellis' Founding Brothers : The Revoluntary Generation

     The compelling and infectious novel of Founding Brothers; The Revolutionary Generation written by Joseph J. Ellis combines our founding fathers weakness’ and strongest abilities in just six chapters. His six chapters tell the stories of: The duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. This entertaining chapter describes how duels were undertaken and played out in that time, and helps the reader understand both men's motives. The dinner which Thomas Jefferson held for Alexander Hamilton and James

Madison in June 1790. This featured one of the greatest political compromises in American history. The silence throughout our formative
years given to the most explosive subject of all - slavery. This was the most
gripping chapter for me, since I've always wondered why the slavery issues
wasn't tackled head-on at our nation's founding. The farewell address given
by George Washington. It would be impossible to put these profound words
in a proper context without hearing about the politics surrounding and the
history behind Washington's presidency. The collaborators that worked
together behind the scenes, forming strong political alliances and enemies
soon after the days of Washington's presidency. And the friendship
between Adams and Jefferson. Ellis concentrates mainly on the letters they
exchanged for the last fourteen years of their lives. These letters possess
priceless wisdom, especially with regard to the revolutionary generation's

      In the famous duel between Colonel Aaron Burr and General Alexander Hamilton, and the controversy surrounding the different accounts of the mornings events. It is believed that Hamilton fired first, but that he intentionally aimed to miss Burr, which he did. It is believed that Burr fired two shots, one of which of which was a fatal wound to Hamilton, entering 4 inches above his hip, ricocheting of his rib cage, piercing his liver...

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