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From 1949 to 1954, the citizens of the United States were overcome with terror of the possibility of being accused of Communism. Joseph McCarthy was an anti-communist zealot obsessed with rooting out perceived Communist spies and activities in the United States. Common opinion showed that McCarthy was a bully and a liar. The Senate condemned him for it because at the time, there was no evidence to support him. However, in recent years, evidence has come out that confirms the basis of what McCarthy said. There were Communists infiltrating America, and it seemed McCarthy was the only one who actively trying to find it. McCarthy governed the U.S. people with fear for three year, was censored, and now is being proven correct, despite people trying to hide the truth.
In 1950 Joseph McCarthy, a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, began a crusade of anti-communism (Bartlett). In this period of time “the widespread accusations and investigations of suspected Communist activities in the U.S.” became known as ‘McCarthyism’ (Reeves). Many events happened during the McCarthyism era to justify his suspicions; Communism was spreading throughout Czechoslovakia and China, and North Korea invaded the South –which started the Korean War (Reeves). The accusations of Communism spread to all branches of public works; entertainment, clergy, teachers, and journalists were all investigated (Reeves). Blacklisting first appears at this time. Many people had to take oaths, swearing that they were not Communist, just to keep their jobs (Reeves). When McCarthy first began, he said that Communists made up the majority of the State Department, but when the Senate looked into it they reported no sings of Communism (Reeves). In 1949 McCarthy said to have gotten his information from a document from the “Federal Bureau of Investigations”, pertaining to Soviet Union activities in the U.S. (Benson). And since the men who gave it to him wanted him the information to be broadcasted, he took the information and claimed he had a list of 205 names of people working in the State Department who were communist (Benson). In a later speech McCarthy lowered that number to eighty-one (Benson). McCarthy accused many people in the government of Communism or harboring Communists, including President Truman, Secretary of State Dean Acheson, General George Marshall, and Eisenhower. They all denied his charges (Bartlett). In 1952 McCarthy won the reelection to be Senator even after accusing them (Benson). Despite having no support from Congress, he became a public icon and people continued to believe him (Benson). Soon though, McCarthy’s good luck would run out.
In 1953 through 1954 McCarthy’s reign collapsed; he lost most of his influence in the Army-McCarthy Hearings of 1954 (Bartlett). The incident started with McCarthy’s growing suspicions of communists working within the government. He began investigating the New Jersey Army Signal Corps station in Fort Monmouth, October of 1953 (Benson). He claimed...

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