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Joseph “The Alligator Man” Ball Essay

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Joe D. Ball born on January 6, 1896 was not a very nice or social able person. Living as a bootlegger in the early 1900’s had more secrets then just illegally selling alcohol. Joe was secretly a murderer, Killing family, friends, and workers. Joe wasn’t always a terrible person, he was part of one of the richest family in Elmendorf but he didn’t stay that way very long because he became known as the alligator man, blue beard, and the butcher of Elmendorf. Ball joined the army to fight in World War I; he saw some action in the frontlines of Europe and was honorably discharged. After the war he returned to his home town of Elmendorf and became a bootlegger driving around selling alcohol during the Prohibition. Then he started hiring black men to do his job and wasn’t very nice to them he would shoot at their feet to make them dance.
After Prohibition Joe Ball opened his own tavern and sometimes host his own cock fights for entertainment. At some point in time of him owning his tavern, he went and caught his own alligators and put them in that concrete pool behind his tavern. He would let his customers come and toss small animals such as cats and dogs in the pool to watch the alligators eat, which would help keep his customer coming back. He started hiring women to bartend, be waitresses, and to be dancers. Soon weird things started happening when barmaids and dancers would just end up disappearing. In 1934 he met Big Minnie and fell in love with her and ball had her run the bar but at the same time he started seeing another barmaid named Deloris and she fell in love with him even though he would beat her. Big Minnie didn’t like that and would show that she didn’t like that so one night Big Minnie just suddenly disappeared. In September ball married Deloris and on their honeymoon he admitted to her that he took Big Mini to the beach and killed her. In January of 1938, Deloris’s left arm was cut off in a car accident but people were saying that Joe Ball actually got mad, cut her arm off and feed it to the alligator. In April Deloris disappeared, by then he was seeing somebody else by the name of Hazel Brown and she ended up disappearing to.
In September of 1938, some Mexican American man that he was hunting in Elmendorf and that he found a foul smelling barrel covered in flies behind Joe Ball’s sister’s house. Since a whole bunch of women that Ball knew disappeared, deputy sheriff Gray and deputy Klevenhagen drove out to talk to Joe Ball. They got out to the bar but the barrel was gone so they went to the bar to talk to Joe Ball but he said he had no clue what they were talking about. They all then went out to the barn to talk to his sister; she said that the Mexican American man was right that there was something foul smelling there. So the deputies decided that was enough to take Ball to San Antonio to be questioned, however ball talked the deputies into going back to the tavern to have a beer and close the place. Then Joe Ball went to get a...

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