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Josie Learns About Herself Through The People In Her Life. Explain What She Learns And From Whom

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In the novel, Looking for Alibrandi, Josie learn deeper inner truths rather than academic facts. She gained a great deal of knowledge from significant people including Nonna Katia, Michael, John and Jacob. By the end of the novel, Josie turned out to be more accepting and empathetic of the people around her, responsible and self-aware.At first, Josie was a very emotionally distraught teenage girl. She was bothered about her Italian background and that she was also fatherless. She also had a range of judgementally mixed up feelings about others and herself. "I am sick of being an in-between." This is what Josie had to say about being half Italian and half Australian, with only one parent ...view middle of the document...

She learns how value there is in life. This aspect refers to how Michael had left Christina for about seventeen years, and when he had found out about Josie being alive. He though Christina never went through with the birth. On meeting Josie, Michael realised how much Josie meant to himself and Josie realised about Michael. He tells Josie not to waste life by doing something stupid like having a sexual relationship at a ridiculous age. Michael is also a very important person in the novel as he is Josie's father and that he reveals to Josie how important life really is and to make the most out of it while you can.John Barton had a very serious effect on how Josie thought about things such as discovery, perception and growth. Before his death he made Josie realise how lucky her life really was compared to his. "It was then that my life was pretty good compared to John's." John has a great effect on Josie's perception of others and her lack of empathy. After some time, Josie found how serious John really was about his life. "Suddenly I was faced with a John I did not know." This leaded to John's death, which had a major impact on Josie by showing her how important it is in life to be loved, accepted and to emotionally grow...

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