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In the 10th century a well-used, popular game and/or battle was created called ‘Jousting.’ One of the main reasons they came up with jousting in the first place was to settle two enemy’s or knight’s differences by a duel. With this new solution the knights increased on their skills with their horseman. Also became greater fighters in combat and/or battle. To enter a duel they obviously wore armor and had a lance. The knights also rode horses while jousting. In medieval times they used jousting as a smart method to prevent battles from occurring and also help solve problems throughout the world. Whether or not was jousting a sport or a method to solve war is yet to be determined.  
The man who found or created jousting went by the name of Godfrey de Preuilly. He was born and raised in France. In 1066 the first tournament occurred. Preuilly was the one to hold the medieval tournaments. During the time jousting was created, there was a battle between the English and the Normans. The battle between the two was called ‘The Battle of Hastings.’ The Normans won the battle against the English. They believed they won because of their Feudal System, or in other words they works out their problems.
This system demanded that all the citizens had to have an allegiance with the King, also their superiors. Every man had to prove his worthiness to live on the King’s land. To do this they had to become knights and fight for the King. Rich Nobles hosted the jousting tournaments to help the knights become more skillful for combats.
Some believed that jousting itself made a mockery to battles. Many Kings went against each other on horseback, covered in armor, and charged at their opponent with their lance. This type of jousting was called “Lance Charge.”
The jousting history was also made to mock some battles. Many kings went up against each other on horseback, covered in armor, and charged at their opponent with the lance. That type of jousting was called “Lance Charge” It was a horrifying, but also spectacular sight. Many people would watch as a sport or war.
King Henry II had grown a popular tournament in England during the 12th century. He found it should be forbidden to play this sport. He believed this because there were too many unnecessary injuries. Mostly the who fought the trained knights. So he believed that it was not worth the pain to him, and his people.
Another King, King Richard I made licenses and granted people with tournaments including jousting. Richard used, or got his rules and beliefs from France. All these events about jousting happened in 1194, by King Richard I.
Richard allowed in England it to spread out through five areas. Between Salisbury and Wilton, another is Warwick and Kenilworth. There’s also Stemford and Warinford, another is Bradley and Mixbury, also there’s Blyth ...