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Jourdon Anderson's Letter Analysis

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The civil war ended in 1865, as a result bringing three new amendments to the constitution they were; the thirteenth amendment which abolished slavery, the fourteenth amendment, which defined the national citizenship, and the fifteenth amendment that prohibited the denial of the right to vote due to race color or past. However, many slaves were withheld from the knowledge that they were free. Yet, other slave owners had to pay their former slaves as laborers out of necessity for example: Colonel P. H. Anderson. Jourdon Anderson was one of Colonel Anderson’s former slaves. Anderson wrote a letter to Jourdon asking him to come back; this is an examination of his response to his former ...view middle of the document...

So, at the time of the letter his children were going to school and he has gotten some education, like learning to read and write. He went on to saying that since they are free, they went to church constantly, something that was deprived before, and his kids went to Sunday school as well. They could now practice their religion however they choose and that included church of their own. Then Jourdon went on to saying that if his former master truly wanted him back that he should send him and mandy the money they are owed after all those years of working for free. He didn’t truly want to go back he simply wanted to see if the Colonel was being sincere. This was a form of security not just for him but also for his family’s well-being. The last thing he was owed was kindness, after all the things he had been put through for twenty-five years including being shot at being punished and treated less than livestock he deserved kindness and more.
School and religion weren’t just things he was owed but the hopes he had for himself and his family’s future. Education was probably his first priority for his family. He wanted them to not just be ex-slaves but to become an active part of the society they lived in. not only that but he...

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