Who Is The Target Audience For People Magazine?

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Have you ever looked through a magazine and found it to be really interesting? That is because you are part of its target audience. You are part of a group of people that the magazine is trying to appeal to. There is a reason Sports Illustrated is more of a man’s magazine and Family Circle is more of a woman’s magazine. The people that run that magazine put certain things in those magazines to attract their audience. More commonly, men are interested in sports and anything to do with sports. In Sports Illustrated, the reader would find sports, and that is it. The reader would not find an article titled “How working women balance their careers and home lives.” An article such as that would be found in a magazine like Family Circle, as it is targeted more towards women who have a family. For the purpose of this audience visual analysis, I will be discussing the October 8th, 2012 issue of People magazine. Looking at this issue and reading through the magazine, it is evident that the publishers do have a target audience in mind. This visual analysis will discuss who its target audience is and how the reader can tell. Also, the essay will discuss how the magazine makes the advertisements relevant to its audience.
To start, the target audience of People magazine is women between the ages of eighteen and thirty-two because of the article topics and advertisements. The women would have a high-school education at the most because a lot of the advertisements are for items that are not really expensive. Those women would be of the white race and be located in the states of California or New York and this is because most of the women pictured are of the white race. The reason for California or New York is because the women in these areas have more newsstands and the people tend to care more about the recent celebrity gossip. Now that audience is not set in stone. There are some advertisements that appeal to men and younger kids. There are also a couple of advertisements that could appeal to elderly people. But after reading into the magazine and seeing what articles the magazine has, it can be said that the main audience would still be white women between the ages of eighteen and thirty-two.
When reading a magazine, it can be pretty easy for the reader to see if they are part of the intended audience. Looking at the cover of this particular issue of People magazine, one can tell right away that the cover is pretty full. There are a lot of pictures and big text and overall, the cover is just plain cluttered. The main attraction is the story of Tom Cruise and his recent divorce. The picture of Tom Cruise takes up one-fourth of the cover itself. The text that it uses to appeal to the readers is huge as well and roughly takes about one-eighth of the cover. The rest of the cover features a variety of photos and stories on the left-hand side. Looking at this magazine, it can be said that it is not intended for people of an older generation. That is because if it...

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