Journal Entry #1 For First 3 Chapeters Of A Foreign Field By Gillian Chan

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Journal Entry #1In the three chapters that I have read, this novel has been quite interesting with many pleasing events. In my opinion this novel is wonderful but I wish there was more detail and more excitement in each event. The characters are well described and it looks like each character has a specific personality and a unique way of dealing with their complicated situations.At the beginning of the novel we are introduced to the main character, Ellen who is fourteen years of age living at home in Canada. She is a hardworking person who is dedicated to keeping their house working in order. Ellen tries very hard with cooking, housework and watching her brother through the difficult times of war. She has a mischievous brother, Colin who loves to watch the planes go by at the local airfield. He has ...view middle of the document...

Soon after Ellen and Colin's parents arrived home and invited the young man, to stay for dinner. The pages go on to say that Stephen - the man who brought Colin home, becomes a close friend of the family, who often visits. These three chapters have many small events but this was the main event.When I read, "A wash of embarrassment coursed through Ellen, as she began to blush," I felt sorry for her and almost as embarrassed as she must have been. While reading these chapters I have continued to feel sorry for Ellen, in all the hard work she must do each day. Many times in the novel she states, "Since the war is taking place I must do more work in the house." I wonder, if the war hadn't been happening, would she still have to the many chores her parents make her do? Although Colin is only a young boy, I still feel resentment towards him. He purposely tries to annoy his sister and likes to keep her from being a regular teenager. If I were Ellen I would hate to have such an irritating younger brother.The novel has been quite appealing and I am already enjoying it, but there still are some poor parts to it. Usually in a novel the author will take a few pages to describe the main character. I am pretty far in this novel and the author has barely taken the time to talk about Ellen, except for a few scattered sentences throughout these chapters. Every other character has been introduced and talked about; it seems weird that Gillian Chan has not done so with the most important character. The reason may be that later on she will no longer be a significant part of the story. The author may also want the reader to learn about Ellen slowly, throughout the novel or on the reader's own.These first three chapters have been intriguing and have introduced me to all of the characters. I think this novel is interesting and that I will continue to enjoy reading it.

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