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Dear Journal,It was the 22nd day and there was still no word on how long it would be till we got out.I live in a small town called Eganville in Kansas. It is a very quiet town where nothing really happens and everyone goes about their business. It is that type of town you see on TV where everyone knows each other and everyone can leave their doors unlocked at night. I am in the 9th grade and I just started high school at Eganville High. The school is small and there are only about 600 kids who go to it give or take a few.I was doing my usual thing in the morning, getting my books and talking to my friends, when all of a sudden I saw a some kid bend over and throw up. Not only was it throwing up, but it was blood too. It was everywhere. The first bell rang and I went to my class trying not to think about the kid.Its Monday again and come to find out the kid who threw up wasn't in school today and heard some rumors that he was really sick. As a matter of fact there was a lot of kids sick today. It was second period when the principal came over the PA system and told the school that they were going home early. Everyone was so excited that no one even bothered to think of why we were going home early. After the announcement I went to my locker and put my books away and then went to find my friend who usually gives me a ride everyday home from school. We met outside the school and started to walk towards the parking lot. When we got there there was a barricade of police. They were telling everyone that they couldn't drive home and they had to take the bus. Everyone was angry but we followed the orders and got on the bus and went home.When I got home my parents didn't look normal and they had a weird look on their face. I was sort of worried when I walked in. The only thing they said was that I had to go upstairs and that they would talk to me later. I was going to argue the fact that we had no homework but I knew when to shut my mouth and I went upstairs. Since I had no homework I turned on ESPN and watched sportscenter till I fell asleep.I was asleep when I heard my parents calling my name. It was 7 o'clock and I hadn't eaten dinner so I got up excited for dinner and I totally forgot about my parents. As soon as I saw them at the table when I came in with the same look on their face I remembered. They told me too sit and I did as they said. My dad started talking first:Dad - "Look son, we got a problem in our town. There is this unknown disease spreading and no one knows what it is. Most likely all of us will get it."Then my mom started:Mom - "Don't worry everything is going to be all right."I was thinking to myself that it was going to be all right if they canceled school and my parents are acting weird, but I didn't say anything. Then they told me that we wouldn't have school for all of next week and they wouldn't go to work either. Then they asked me if I wanted to talk about anything. I said no, and they said I could go back in my room if I...

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